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Everyone has expectations placed on them - Ethan and Lynette being no exceptions to this rule. One's an overly prudent genius, the other a delinquent aiming to misbehave. The only similarities they do share are the dominating rich families they both come from. Now, with Ethan tutoring Lynette in the ways of physics and whatnot and Lynette showing him the ways of sweet, sweet chaos, all that can be said is that this "friendship" won't end well. For them? Who knows. Probably not.

The halls of the school were crowded and bustling with life that Monday morning. Students waltzed in through the doors, laughing and making small talk with their friends. I, on the other hand, walked straight into the chatter-filled atmosphere, my frown deepening with every second. What a racket.

My gaze sifted through the noisy students scattered here and there, searching for the familiar face of my best friend who was nowhere to be seen. She was probably off somewhere, making kissy faces with Tommy. Not that I blamed her, that boy was fine. 

I headed towards the direction of my locker, trying to avoid crashing into the crazy guys running here and there, and occasionally nodding at the people I knew. To say I was part of the 'in-crowd' would be...somewhat accurate. I wasn't popular but I wasn't a loner either. I guess it paid off to sit among a group that were considered to be hot-and-hip, though father would certainly disapprove with my choice of friends. 

Someone shoved into me roughly, causing me to slam hard against my locker. "Hey," I snapped, whirling around to kick the guy's butt and was met by the sight of a rowdy grin on that baboon-like face which could only belong to one person: Brandon. 

He raised his hands by his side, looking down at me with amusement. "Sorry sista, didn't mean to run into you like that."

"What's done is done, no point behind apologies." I scowled, and turned my back on him as he walked away, not bothering to come up with a reply. I hated the Morton's. Okay, maybe 'hate' was too strong a word but I certainly did have a strong disliking towards them.

The sister, Ashley, wasn't as bad. She did stick out for her insane and wacky fashion sense (I mean who would even bother dying their hair a different color each month), and didn't spend as much time in detention as her younger twin did. But I didn't like her either, solely for the reason that she was related to a hooligan.

I tried to keep my mind off of anything that could ruin my day already as I took the textbooks I would need for the first few classes out of my locker, dumping them into my bag. 

"There she is, queen Lynette Brooks ladies and gentlemen."

My mood immediately lifted upon hearing her voice as I turned around, a smile making its way to my lips. "Took you long enough to show Steph." 

"'morning to you too bozo," she greeted, grinning. I don't know how Stephanie managed to pull it off. She looked so amazing the first day of every week. Next to her, I looked like a victim recovering from the deathly clutches of a horrible disease. Her black hair was combed and straight, make up applied perfectly but not too much to cloud her natural beauty. No wonder she was considered an 'it-girl'; she was insanely good looking. "Did you get any sleep?" She asked, looking at me with suspicion. 

"I know you didn't," I teased, turning it back on her. Stephanie's cheeks turned red. "You and Tommy have a good weekend together?" 

She nudged me hard on the hip as we made our way to our first class - French. I wasn't too particular on attending it though so I steered her in the direction of the exits and asked, "You could tell me how your weekend was while we're on the way to the football field." 

"You're kidding! It's Monday Lyn!" Stephanie tugged me back, her brown eyes widening as she looked at me. "We can't ditch the first day itself!"

"Oh come on," I whined. "It's not like we understand a word in French class anyways. Besides, we could catch up with Tommy, he has PE first doesn't he?" 

That seemed to work on her as her gaze shifted from my face to the doors. "Yeah, okay then." 

Hooking her arm in mine, I no longer had to drag her forcefully. On our way out, I knocked into a guy walking in who muttered an apology. Repressing the urge to bark at him, I simply hissed, "Just watch where you're headed, 'kay blind-boy?"

Annoyance flickered through his blue eyes as he stared me down, lips pulling into a thin line. I didn't get the chance to hear what he had to say to that as Stephanie pulled me away from the spot, probably in hopes of avoiding another fight break out.

Pity, it would've been fun to bash on the nerd. 

The End

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