Romantic Equations Behind The Business

They live similar lives; trapped up under their families' ambitions. Now, thanks to a sudden meeting, they grow closer, but there are always trials to those who fall in love and those who don't realize they are in love.


This is a collaboration between Aria and myself.

It was pre-decided and we are not giving anyone else roles in this story (sorry!).

It's a realistic fiction, no fantasy whatsoever.

If you got drawn to check this story out because of the summary, all credits go to Aria as she was the one who made it. *claps* Bravi!

I'm writing the role of Lynette Brooks and Aria is writing the role of Ethan K. Marks.

Lynette Brooks, daughter of a man people fear and a woman who passed away. She was nothing like her father, but she hoped she would be a better person than him. School grades; straight F's. Fails in every class which dissappoints her father greatly. Father pressures her to do better in school so she goes in search of a tutor and finds Ethan K. Marks.  

Ethan K. Marks hated his family, namely his father. The boy was the type to be locked up in his room, with his nose in his books, studying endlessly, though there was a good reason for it. Pressure can drive people to different places, places they thought they never would go and Ethan was one of them. But then he meets Lynette Brooks, a failure in school and someone he doesn’t like to be stuck with, but  irony likes to get at you.

Hope you like the story!!


    - Aria and Trish


The End

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