Romance? What Romance?

A sarcastic look at our expectations from life.

Dear John,

I know we only met a few months ago on Facebook, but I've noticed that you have found plenty of time in your busy life to chat with me nearly every day. I hardly know you. I'm not even sure that what I do know about you is true. You are not necessarily who you say you are, and there is no way for me to know for sure. You seem like a very nice guy and all, but you could also be a huge liar.

Before we go any further I must tell you loud and clear that I am not interested in guys that I meet on Facebook. In fact, I am not interested in dating any guy I meet on the internet. 

If you still wish to be my friend, that is fine, but I am certainly not going to devote my time to chatting with you on Facebook anymore.



The End

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