Dave: PatienceMature

She seemed bitchy, but she wasn't that bad, definitely cute. But shes an alien, and i have no interest in anything non-human. As she walked up the stairs to get us a meeting with her father, I was going to take a look around the house. There was all sorts of things that i have never seen before. But firstly i had to tell Mick off for threatening her.

"So, Mick, you shouldn't be badmouthing these people, especially not the princess!" I whispered angrily

"Why not? What is she going to do to us?" he replied cockily

"Well for one, we dont know what they are capable of... they could be ninjas. The chances are... very slim i know but since we have never seen them before can we really risk it? Besides, i want to get off this rock as much as any of you guys do. We just need to ask them for permission to let our science teams on the planet and do research and stuff, you know how those science guys are like"

Ralph ended up going into another room, i had to follow him to prevent him from doing anything bad. He was in what seemed to be a library of some sort, books on shelves and a desk with a light.

"You think the science boys would want something like these?" Ralph asked

"Hmm, they seem to speak our language, lets have a look"

I got a book off the shelf and opened it up to find that they do in fact speak English. Also their punctuation and stuff is the same as the humans. We really are lucky we found a race that can atleast speak english.

"They dont seem to have our level of tech yet, so if these guys ain't so friendly and a war breaks out, we are so gunna kick their ass" Tom interrupted

"How do you know they dont have our level of tech? Maybe they do it just looks different" I put the book back "Maybe we should get back into the main room before they get back and catch us sneaking around"

"Yeah good idea, they ain't down yet so im guessing hes either asleep or is just hard to convince"

The End

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