Starflower: Unexpected GuestsMature

A knock on the door brought me out of the mindless act of knitting, crossing the needles over and over until the world had blurred into a blissful nothing. Jumping at the startling noise, I let the scarf I'd been working on fall to the floor. It was probably just one of the village women coming to seek council from my father. Being the ruler and all, they tended to assume he was all knowing. As his daughter, I knew much better.

Less than ten steps got me to the door, and then I was pulling it open. But it wasnt a village woman, or even a woman at all. I stumbled back a few steps in fear of the creature whose eyes I was now gazing into. Such soft, deep eyes...I was overtaken by the beauty of them.

"Uhm...hello," I said unsurely.

"Greetings," the stunning creature said to me. "Fear not; we come in peace."

A frown knit my brows. "That's great," I replied sarcastically. "And you are?" If he had heard me at all, he made no notion of it. Instead he had pushed past me into the house, looking around like he had any right whatsoever to be there. "Excuse me," I snapped. "Maybe where you come from they dont teach you to ask before entering someone's home, but here we have rules."

He looked up at me then, a devious smirk toying at his lips. "Is that so? Well, then, take us to your leader and we will gladly leave you alone." Only then did I realize that more of the creatures had come in through the open doorway. Great. Hopefully they at least knew well enough to wipe their shoes off.

" father isnt exactly the sort of guy to welcome unexpected guests," I mumbled, more to myself than them. As if they were paying any attention to me anyway. Whoever they were, I was eager for them to go. Their manners were off, I could already tell they were self-absorbed, and quite frankly I wasnt in the mood for company. I'd rathher have been left alone with my miseries.

"Listen, kiddo," one of the others said in a snippy tone. "Do you have any idea how much football I'm missing to be here? Or how much I miss the taste of cold beer? Take us to see him, or else."

The beautiful one shot him a look of clear anger before facing me. His expression had molded into one of gently concern. "You're the princess, huh?" His tone was level.

"Dont remind me."

"Well, we could really use your help. Please, at least ask him if he'll see us."

Something in his voice was so irresistable. I found myself moving away from them, up the stairs that would take me to my father's chambers. I told them to wait, and that I would see what I could do. The strangers remained where they were, but I was certain they were busy toying with my stuff, looking around for..something.

This so could not be happening.

The End

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