Dave: New LifeMature

I was walking around the docks where my ship, The Executioner, was being fueled. They never did tell me what was so important but they seem to think im the man for the job.

"Captain!" came a voice, i looked back and it was just one of those tech geeks "As you know, you've been chosen for a very special job"

"I didn't know it was special..." I replied

"Well it is. We have found a planet, its not too far, your ship could reach it easily within a few weeks. We are lead to believe that there is alien life on that planet"

"Oh joy, aliens... Have you watch the movie Alien? Id rather not be involved..."

"Oh dont worry, we all know about facehuggers and all that. Thats why we sent the probe through space to see if we can find anything that doesn't move on all fours. We have seen aliens that look alot like humans, they just dont cut their hair. Whether they are advanced enough to have a hairdresser or not im not sure"

"Well, if i go i dont need to listen to you go on and on. I'll do it, now leave me alone"

I walked away and toward my ship, i got beamed in at the push of a button.

The inside of my ship pretty much looked a little like the ship on Starship Enterprise, apart from my ship weren't the same size, And my ship was a T shape.

I went to the bridge and we were soon in the air, ready to discover alien life.

Weeks went by and we finally saw the planet, it looked a little like Earth, apart from it was more forested. The trees of the forests stood out more than they do on Earth.

"Right, marines, come with me on a Crow, and we will go down onto that planet and see ourselves some alien life!" I ordered

The Crow, was the mainline carrier for our troops. It was fast, agile, and got us where we needed to go quite quickly on Earth. We also had it tested to be flown around in space. So we were perfectly safe.

When we got into the planets orbit things looked alot better. We could actually see the trees in detail, none of which ive ever seen on Earth.

The Crow had landed, and me and the marines got off and started walking around seeing if we could find anything.

Hours went by, and we couldnt find anything. But we did find a tree, and it had orange berries growing in it. You could tell they weren't ready but Jimmy had to eat a couple anyway the stupid boy.

Then something caught my eye in the distance, some sort of structure.

"This way" I said, we walked over to the buildings and we saw lots of aliens. They all seemed to have pointed ears and purple hair. The only thing i found strange was that they were all women. "Do you think we should walk out?"

We walked into the circle of buildings and we soon got their attention.

"We come in peace, take us to your leader" said Tommy

"Tommy, stop pissing around!" I scowl

"Sorry sir"

I wonder if they speak English, this is abit more of a discovery than i thought.

"Captain, this is Wayne, calling in from Earth, can you read us?"

"Loud and clear"

"Wow! We didn't expect this to actually work"

"Good way to raise my morale there Wayne"

"No problem. You found the aliens?"

"Yes, they have some sort of civilization, but they are all female"

"Look for anything that may look important"

"Roger that"

I looked around, didn't really see much things important, but the manors seemed to all revolve around one. We walked up to this middle manor.

"Lets kick the door down!" shouted Reece

"Reece, ill shoot you in the face if you shout something like that again" I threated, seriously, why did i pick this job?

I knocked on the door...

The End

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