Starflower: Being the PrincessMature

There is something so magical about the unexpected. I never thought I would do anything but live the life laid out before me. There were to be no grand adventures, so memorable journies. My world was a constant blur of all that I was and all that I so longed to be.

That day, everything changed. The Warling tree was in half blossom, the first of the succulent orange berries begining to form, and I found myself resting in it's shade. Smiling a bit, but it was mostly forced. In a world of such repression, there was so little to smile about. But the breeze was just so that I couldnt help but revel in it.

"Starflower," a sudden voice calling to me brought me from my trance. Rolling my soft blue eyes, I pushed myself up to my bare feet. The woman before me had her hands on her hips, long purple hair in a rough braid. "You cannot be off on your own. We cannot risk anything happening to you."

No, of course not. Because I was the princess. I was the one they were all counting on to carry on the kingdom. I reached up to push my own long, sleek purple hair behind my pointed ears. Followed Algrit back through the forest to the place where we lived. It was a small cluster, really, a few stone manors laid in a circle.

And my father's at the center. That was the thing about us, about our people. Only one male was born every ten years, and he automatically became the ruler. And what of all the women? I glanced over my shoulder at the Warling tree. Soon the berries would be fully bloomed. And I would be expected to fulfill my destiny. To drench myself in their juices and produce the next heir.

Perhaps it didnt make sense but it was all I had ever known.

And all that was about to change.

The End

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