We All Fall With a SmileMature

   Zack and I decided we would start dating that upcoming Saturday. After texting and talking on the phone for hours all week. He lived further out then the neighboring town, so he had a plan to have him mother drive him out. We were pretty convinced we were perfect for each other, drenched in the corny love lines. He was new to this whole girlfriend thing, a few times he told me he wasn't sure about it. Which completely broke my heart for a brief second. But he decided he was being completely foolish to pass up something as amazing as me.

   He had dated two other girls previously. One eight months before, the other years ago. None of them for more then two weeks. That was something I could compete with easily no worries. He was so innocent it almost scared me. I on the other-hand wasn't. virgin? No. Him? Yes. His family was catholic. He had a mom, dad, twin sister, two older brothers and an older sister. He also had a dog named Harry, and three cats.

   Zacks mother had a broken back, his dad only had one leg after taming a horse and getting his leg caught in the sattle and catching an infection. His brother was blessed with one testical at birth. His twin was just chunky. Zack was deaf in his right ear. The whole family had problems. His dad was a tyrant, mother spent most of the money on shopping, sister was a smart, snotty bitch. His older brother that lived with them was a complete stoner, but very nice.

  That Saturday Zack got a ride to my house around four. He walked on in and sat down next to me. My sister kept bugging to show him a video played backwards that looked like i was possessed by some sort of demon.  The previous deal was, whoever kissed the other one first had to ask the other one out. I kissed him, and he asked me out. We took a trip to the library and talked for a few minutes. Within a few minutes I found us making out behind the library, so quick to smile. It was freezing, I was wearing baggy shorts and a blue  tank top covered with a small blue jacket. My newly punk colored hair flying around everywhere. But still, I couldn't stop smiling.

The End

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