Romance In RedMature

   On a sunny, cold aired day in mid April I was invited to the school park in the neighboring town by one of my old kindergarten friends. Fourteen, eighth grade, 132 lbs, brown hair, blue-green eyes, and a beautifully stubborn attitude I set out to make some great friends and get rid of this drowning history that followed me. Having just broken up with a puppy loved boyfriend of two years, just to fall for someone who didn't have the guts to fall back for me, I was pissed.

   My sisters friend Sophie, my sister Brittany, and I got my mom to take a eight mile trip to the Blestown playground. Such a nice school for such a deserted town. I was prepared to look great, even for just the shrill thrill of it. Hair straightened, purple eye shadow, your average punk dressing outcast outfit with a sexy twist. Perfect, I thought as I checked my complexion in the small cars passenger mirror. I snapped a picture and we were off.

   Suddenly the friend I was meeting, Robby, informed me one of his friends was joining him. When we pulled in the parking lot I spotted Robby on his skateboard. Medium red hair, black cap, long over-sized black band T over his scrawny body. Next to him was another scrawny, tall white boy. This one had long brown hair, squinted hazel eyes, and a sparkle of innocence.

   All three of us piled out of the car onto the blacktop pavement. The sun shining down on the green grass surrounding the school. The cool air comforting us. Robby stammered a small compliment when he spotted me. "Brianna, you look pretty today!". I  blushed and took the compliment to my head as always. The other boy smiled, turned to Robby and said, "Pretty? I think you look gorgeous!". A small frown appeared across Robby's face. From that moment, I felt myself feel so happy being around them.

  Brittany and Sophie, stood behind me wondering what to do. Sophie had been crushing on Robby for a long time now, after all their conversations originating from myspace.  I motioned to move toward the playground and they followed.

   The friend of Robby's introduced himself as Zack. He was a clumsy little thing. He tried to attempt at showing me his apparent "skills" at skateboarding. That attempt lead to a swift lunching of the board into his balls. It was just to funny. Robby was getting more and more jealous with his best friend steeling the spotlight. I told him to go converse with Sophie who was playing on the playground to kill the awkwardness. He didn't have much nice to say, but he attempted. Zack told me I had a cute nose, and spent about ten minutes running his fingers across the little rips in my black skinny jeans. Secretly, I found him insanely adorable. Afterwards he lead me to a tree so I could watch him climb all the way to the top. It was dorky, and so was he, but I just smiled.

   How cute was Zack, reality wise. Not really. He was pale as a blank sheet of paper. Freckles scattered all across his body and plastered on his face. He did have beautiful eyes that I couldn't let go of. Hazel, with black specs. He was tall, say 5'10 at least. Thirteen years old. He almost looked like a mix of a cowboy and a stoner at the same time... Did I find him attractive? Very. I still can't figure out why. Zack had a varied innocence to him. He read books, watched movies, had good grades in school, and spent his time doing chores around the yard. His wardrobe consisted of varied band tees, girl jackets, and pants that would make you wonder if he was waiting for a flood. His socks were always way up past his sneakers.But he still got to me.

  We took a trip to a different park that day. Zack and I sat in the back, and suddenly the door on his side slammed open for him to nearly fall out if it weren't for me grabbing his arm. He was so enthused by nearly dying it almost scared me. We spent about fifteen minutes at the park. By that point Robby had gotten the gist that I had my eye on Zack. Finally, me and the girls got in my moms car and left. Minutes after Zack texting me saying, "I miss you already!" as stupid as it sounds, I blushed so hard my face was beat red. This kid was already making my heart float, but little did I know it would end with me drowning.

The End

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