The First Day Continues...

     I jinxed myself my day got wierder and wierder. First of all Jakyb walked me to all my classes because they were all his classes, but I also had third, fifth, and eighth hour with Kuryko, and fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh hours with Haley. So my day wasn't all bad, but I could feel everyone's eyes on me during each class period. So it was the first day and everybody knew my name. 

     When Jakyb and I got to second hour Biology with Mr. Harvey, everyone had already picked their seats and there was one table left. So Jakyb and I ended up lab partners, as if walking down the halls with him to every class wasn't wierd enough.


    Lunch came between fifth and sixth hour, since I had both Kuryko and Haley in fifth hour we agreed to have lunch together.

     As I walked out of fifth hour I knew that was going to change. I walked out and saw Jakyb casually leaning against the wall, he was waiting for me again. This time Kuryko and Haley walked with us to the lunchroom. (First day of school and it was already pizza day.)

     Jakyb began our discussion on the way to the lunchroom. "Would you like to eat lunch with me and my brothers and sisters, Steph?"

     I was slightly shocked and just looked at him in amazement for a moment before hurriedly responding, "I would love to but I already promised Kuryko and Haley--"

    Haley cut me off, "No, it's ok. We can eat together tomorrow."

   "Yah," Kuryko said obviously sounding very disappointed, "We can eat together tomorrow. No Prob." He turned, away trying to hide his pain.

    "Then it's settled. Come on, if we hurry we can get there before the line starts to build up." Jakyb chimed, pulling me along away from Haley, who looked at me and mouthed Tell us EVERYTHING! But Kuryko looked very sad still and looked at me with a halfhearted smile. I felt kind of bad for just leaving them like that. My first friends in the school, and I'm ditching them to go have lunch with Mr. Perfect and his family.

     Then I lost sight of Haley and Kuryko in the crowd and turned to look at Jakyb who continued to pull me along torwards the front. Where I saw the six most beautiful people in the whole world (excluding Jakyb). They looked flawless, they were all tall with black hair and tan skin just like Jakyb. The girls had long wavy, curly, hair that went to the middle of their back. As I went to stand with them I felt totally out of place.

     Now everyone was really staring at me, and the amazingly beautiful people next to me.

     After we went through the line and got our food we sat down at the table at the far back of the lunchroom. The smallest one of the girls started talking in also a perfect angelic voice, "Hi I'm Alice, are you the new girl?"

     "Yah," I replied, "I'm Stephanie Vitolloe, but most people call me Steph."

     "Ok Steph," She turned to the girl sitting next to her who was slightly taller. "This is Bailey," and then the girl next to her who was a little taller than her, "This is Grace," then the boy next to her who was a little taller than her, "This is Cody," and next to him was an even taller boy, "This is Scott," and finally the tallest of them all, "And this is Tony, and you've already met Jakyb."

     After each person was introduced they waved at me and said hello, and every single one of them had a perfect angelic voice like Jakyb. It made me feel so uncomfortable there between Jakyb and Alice they were all so perfect and I was so not.

The End

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