Romance in Dallas

This is the story of a girl named Stephanie Vitolloe who just moved to Dallas, Texas and goes through her ninth grade year in a new school, with no friends, and all the boys seem to be in love with her, and even on the first day she's the most popular girl in school. But a certain guy named Jakyb Symper has his eye on her, he keeps to himself mostly but shows extreme interest in Stephanie.........<3

      Oh Geez, I thought to myself as i dropped my books all over the floor, On my firstday at my new school i look like a complete clutz in front of-.....My thoughts were cut off by the sound of a guy's voice so smooth and sweet it was like the sound of an angel talking to me.

      "Do you need some help with those books?" he asked. I was just standing there my mouth slightly open staring at him in amazement his skin was tan and his eyes were a piercing electric blue while his hair was black. He looked perfect and amazing his angel voice matched his angel face and his body. You could see tht he was muscular but it wasn't overwhelming like the varsity football players.

      I suddenly remembered that he asked me a question and quickly replied or attempted to. It came out all ran together and you couldn't understand a word I said. I couldn't believe I was so nervous in front of  a guy that I've never even met, I didn't even know his name.

     He took my "reply" as a yes, and picked up my books for me, and he began talking to me in his perfect angelic voice. "Hi, I'm Jakyb Symper, you must be the new girl that i hear was coming to the school. What's your name?" We just stood there in the hall as I told him my name.

     "I'm Stephanie Vitolloe, but most people call me Steph." I told him more calmy than i thought it would come out.

     "Where's your first class?" he asked

     "Math with Mrs. Westmoreland, in room D-27. I have no clue where that is."

      "Well Steph," he said emphazing my nickname," It's your lucky day because that happens to be my first hour as well. I'll walk you there." So we walked down the halls to what I guess is room d-27. He asked me about where I came from and why I was here? So I told him that I was from Clearwater, Kansas and that my dad had an amazing job offer down here in Dallas, Texas so we packed up and moved down here.

      Before he could ask another question we arrived to Mrs. Westmoreland's room and the bell rang. I sat in the back while Kuryko sat in the front in what I guess is his normal seat. I sat behind a girl who looked nice enough with light brown hair in a high ponytail and light skin with few freckles and hazel eyes. She was wearing a jean skirt and a nice white blouse for the first day of school. The second I sat down she turned around and started talking to me like we were best friends.

     "Hi my name's Haley Stensworth, what's yours?"

     "Stephanie Vitolloe, but most people call me Steph."

     "Ok Steph," she said my name a little teasingly and I giggled, "Were you just talking to Jakyb Symper?"

     Then a boy sitting behind me jumped in the conversation and said "No way! No one ever talks to Jakyb Symper.......correction Jakyb never talks to anyone."

     "I'm serious Kuryko," Haley said, "Steph here was talking to Jakyb, and he was talking back to her."

     "Oh My God! That's amazing. "

      Turning to me he said "Oh, almost forgot, my name's Kuryko Akecrove."

     "Stephanie Vitolloe," I said," But most people call me Steph. Nice to meet you."

     Before Haley or Kuryko could talk to me more about what I said to Jakyb Mrs. Westmoreland walked in and so began first period. It was the basic welcome to a new year of school and she introduced me to the class since I was a new student. She explained the rules and we got to talk to our classmates the remaining class period.

      Haley and Kuryko immediately turned to me and explained to me that Jakyb was the hottest guy in school, him and his brothers, Cody, Scott, and Tony. His sisters were the hottest girls but they both said that Steph was one of those girls too right below Jakyb's sisters, Alice, Bailey, and Grace. His family stayed to themselves they had their own table at lunch, had most of their classes together too. So Jakyb, Cody, Scott, Tony, Alice, Bailey, and Grace never talked to anyone. So it was amazing that Jakyb talked to Steph. They teased her the rest of the class period that maybe Jakyb liked her.

      The bell rang and class ended everyone filed out of the room. When Steph got out she found Jakyb waiting for her outside the classroom. At first she didn't see him, but when she heard his angelic voice she knew it was him. "So Steph," Jakyb began, "Where's your second period class?"

      She turned around to face him. "Biology with Mr. Harvey in A-31. You wouldn't happen to know where that is do you?"

       "Actually that's my next class too. So would you do me the honor of walking with me there?" he asked.

       "I would be delighted, especially since I have no idea where that is anyways." I replied. He gave a little laugh at that joke. "Lead the way." I told him and he walked torward what I can only assume was A Hall. I felt several stares as we walked down the hallways. Everyone looked at us in astonishment as we walked down the halls, being the new girl no one knew who I was, but everyone knew him. I felt so out of place standing next to him. He was so tall and perfect looking and I was averaged sized and not nearly as beautiful as Haley and Kuryko tried to put me off as. I wouldn't be one of the most beautiful girls in the school, not even close. As we walk down the hall he puts his arm around my shoulder. If I thought people were staring earlier now they're gaping at us with their mouths open.

     We finally amde it to Mr. Harvey's room and everyone's still staring this is the wierdest first day of school I've ever had. I can only hope that it doesn't get wierder.

The End

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