Romance + HimMature

Domestic violence relationship.

Tonight was really different than any other night and I mean it this time, I often tell myself.

His arm was gentle around my neck instead of constant feeling of life slipping away. His eyes are pale clearly sign of hope for this relationship and maybe a few bottles of beer has already been hidden under the couch but I declare tonight the perfect the TV dinner night. Although the screen is hazy and I feel the breathe of achocol in my nose, I try to ignore it.

" Can you get me a another beer? " His voice demands. " Isn't three enough? " I foolish slip. His voice increase with rage- a quiet creature watches his prey- " Bitch! I know what my body wants so get that beer already?" I  sigh and get a beer from the fridge in the kitchen or otherwise my prision. I give it to him and he drinks it like an animal until he spits it out!

"It's too warm didn't you feel it, of course you didn't." I keep quiet trying to keep this perfect night perfect in my head. Why does he always start a fight so easily, sometimes I think I;m a soldier and he's a prince but he can never love me - not in a million years." Go get me another ..... bitch." I put my foot down prepared for a fight and pushes the arm once cuddly off my neck. "Go get it yourself!"My confidence skyrocketed into the places I haven't been in 2 years, attack the creature does on the prey and on the floor I go struggling to push back up.

" You asshole, why do you always hit me? Why can't we talk? " The last words I say before his punch sends me into a blissful sleep.  In that darkness I feel more areas of pains appearing and tears falling out of my eyes. My grandmother once told me that all people can be changed and I once so too but he can't be changed - only I can.


I wake up feeling my body was destroyed, my nose had a stream of blood, and my both my eyes had back eyes. This was worse than expected espically since I woke up in his arms. " Daniel ...?" I weakly speak. He said that he'll change and he;s sorry this time but what about the next time? I leave his arm and see the room was a wreck with glass broken and the kitchen table smashed. " You can't change Daniel. We humans are so constant that we never have a chance too. This is my chance, Daniel. I can't love you like I did in the beginning, I can't depend on perfect days, and I can't certainly depend on you."

I left and I never came back.

The End

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