the story about adrianna.

Ben was all that Adrianna had been looking for.He was intelligent,funny,charming,kind and handsome she had only met him a week before in her favorite cafe and was already falling in love with him. They had talked all evening ,the first time they met and she felt a connection which was very new to her yet very exciting.Surprisingly Ben had been staying in her building for the past one year and they had never crossed paths ever.After this they met frequently in the elevator, grocery store, and the cafe which seemed to be his favorite place to unwind too.

Adrianna was a good looking girl who was just transforming into a woman. Her smile was enough to please guys around her.She was one of those girls who looked elegant and beautiful even while doing chores.She had just got  in college and had met a lot of interesting guys over the past years  but none of them genuinely matched the version of her prince charming.





The End

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