Busted out

Celeste awoke to the sound of scraping. She looked about. Niamh sat in a corner, praying. Quintessa was in another, asleep. No one else had noticed. She crawled over to where the noise was coming from. A face popped up and stared at her. Now the others were aware of what was happening.

‘Luthando! What are you doing?’ Quintessa screeched.

‘You’re getting out! I’m saving you. Petra’s Pater is at the other end of this tunnel.’

‘Papa! Good timing sir, they planned to kill us at dawn. Gratias tibi ago.’ Niamh smiled.

‘Good job I came. Wouldn’t want three beautiful girls harmed. I’m afraid you’ll get a bit muddy though.’

So they ended up wriggling through a narrow, muddy tunnel which led to outside the prison walls, right next to the path to the Celtic village. Perfect.

‘Papa!’ Niamh ran to her father.

They walked into the deep into the trees, to the camp of the druids. Luthando explained that he had met the druid while hurrying to the prison. They planned to move the very next night. That was when it happened. The air seemed to explode with the sound of hoof beats. All the druids stood, holding their packs. Within seconds they were on horses; Niamh on her father’s, Quintessa on Luthando’s and Celeste on Brother Nickolas’s. Then they realised it was only one horse. It burst into the little clearing. He wore a soldier’s uniform. It was Adrian.

‘Quick, they know! You have to leave!’

‘And why should we trust you? The very man who put us in prison for helping innocent people.’

‘Because…..’ he took out a dagger and put it to his heart, ‘because I love you Celeste.’

‘Don’t! Stop!’ Celeste screamed, ‘Come along with us!’

Hastily putting his dagger away he rode forward.

‘They’ll be following soon so we’d better hurry.’

The druid’s and friends rode off, into the night.

The End

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