Telling Adrian

An arrogant young woman knocked on the large, iron gates on the garrison. A guard walked over and enquired.

 ‘I wish to speak to Adrian. It’s urgent. Festinas!’

The guard opened the gate and let her in.

‘He’s over at the free-ground, practising sword fighting.’

‘Gratias tibi ago.’

The woman walked off in the direction of the grounds. She got to free-ground in ten minutes. The compound was about a two square miles and contained several small buildings. There was a large square one with the soldier’s dormitories around the edge, mess halls in the centre, and Centurions at the corners.

On the other side of the compound, next to the forest, was the blacksmith’s lodge. Next to it was the houses for those members of the army who were married.

Opposite the stables were a few small house-like building where the more important leaders lived.

As the woman entered the free-ground, a young man with short, black hair and muscular arms, won a fencing match with his friend.

‘Ha! I win Marcus!’

The young woman coughed politely. He looked round.

‘Emelda, what are you doing here? I trust it’s important if it’s interrupting my practice.’

‘I have important news concerning the laws about druids. Celeste and Quintessa are helping them. Their friend “Petranella” is Celtic.’ Emelda smiled slyly.

‘What? Nella? Celeste? Tessa? No… I don’t believe it.’

‘It’s true Adrian, I know you don’t want to believe it; I don’t want to either, but we must. Somehow we’ll get over it.’ Emelda concealed her smugness.

Adrian sighed.

‘Come, Marcus. We have news.’

The End

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