The plan and the hearing of the plan.

The three girls sat in the library, conversing in whispers. Celeste sighed and pushed back her long, ash blonde. Her blue eyes looked anxious. Niamh was talking, telling them what seemed to be important news. Her green eyes shone with hope. Her ginger hair, although thin, cascaded almost to the floor. Quintessa, like most of her family (except Ardelle, her oldest sister, and Luthando, her younger brother who had blond hair, and Meliora, her youngest older sister who had light brown hair) had very dark hair and dark eyes. They studied a map carefully.

From behind a shelf of heavy books, a tall girl with thick, black, curly hair, like Quintessa’s watched them. Her name was Emelda. She pretended to be choosing a book but in fact she wasn’t all that good at reading. She strained to hear the conversation.

‘They can’t hide much longer Tess!’ Niamh whispered.

‘What can we do about it? Whatever we do we’re bound to get caught!’ Quintessa replied. They all sat for a minute or two, just thinking. Then Celeste started.

‘I know! We could move them. At night. It would be risky, with Pater and Terris and Adrian around, but we could do it, Nellie!’ The girls stared at her.

‘It’s a mad idea Celeste! Absolutely silly! But I suppose…’ Niamh thought for a second, ‘It could work… We just need to think a bit,’ She consulted the map.

 ‘So, the safest place is Wales. There are more hills to conceal them than here, and the army don’t patrol there.’ Quintessa’s voice flickered with hope, ‘But we don’t have much time. We’ll have to move within the week. Say…. Saturday?’ They all nodded in approval.

That was all Emelda needed to hear. She silently walked out.

The End

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