This is a tale about the life of one 'typical' teenager. What teenager is typical tell me? Lucy is a normal enough, unique individual. Like us all. She comes to realise however, that sometimes, bad things happen; to the regular folk.

“Uh, hey there. It’s Lucy. Lucy Stevenson. I’m Lucy.”

The class barely looks up. My slightly mumbled self introduction may not have been said. I did speak, right? I glance toward the thirty-something teacher leaning against the wall. Wow, her attitude says ‘I really don’t want to be here, teaching this lot’ but she is, and she’s my maths teacher, apparently. The class still hasn’t given any sign they’ve noticed the new girl. A shy, dark haired girl gives me a small smile before putting her head down back to her book. Hey, she tried.

I awkwardly pick up my schoolbag, and clumsily walk over to the nearest free desk I see, trying desperately not to trip. Hey, least they’d notice me. A guy with carefully parted bangs looks away when I approach the desk next to him, but I swallow away any nervousness and my low confidence levels and try to take on a bit of personality. May as well.

The chair scrapes with a piercing scrawl of a noise when I draw it back, and I quickly flop into the grey plastic chair, and shove it into the desk hastily. I look down at my red schoolbag and waste pre-teaching time getting my pencil case, refill pad and new journal out. Woo, ready for learning action.

I glance around the pale cream room, to see an assembly of around thirty students, the teacher texting obliviously, still leaning against the wall, and everyone casually sitting there, texting furiously with glazed eyes, or slyly finishing the homework they should have done last night, while instead gave dedication to their consoles. With a long exhale, I settle in.

The End

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