roller coaster (a.k.a. depression)

tis is just a random short little story I wrote. why i wrote it, i do not know. it's just how i'm feeling right now. and no it's not even dark outside and there is no moon, but i can pretend :P

The moon is shining brightly tonight. Coming through my window, filling up the small corner of my bedroom. Could this really be? Could I actually be going through this? Or is it some sort of dream? Like the ones you see on TV. When the person is in a wonderful, almost surreal fantasy, and then rolls over on the side of the bed, and wakes up only to realize it wasn't true.

I sit in my chair in that small corner. I'm longing for truth, longing for faith, longing to see the light. The moonlit setting is so relaxing and calming. I could almost fall asleep. But I dont, worrying that I'd wake up and all of this to be fake. Because, what I'm experiencing is too great to give up. Too joyus to leave behind. Too exciting and beautiful to disapear.

By now, you are probably wondering what is making me so happy. I'm here to tell you...All of this happiness is coming from one person. That person, even though he may not know, has made my life worth living. Made my breath worth taking. Made me keep on going, even when's it hard and I just want to give up. He has made me keep hoping. Hoping that one day, that I leave this roller coaster. To exit and never return for, I am on one that I can't seem to get off. A roller coaster that goes through a deep, dark tunnel. The tunnel can last for day, months, even years. Sometimes you think you've reached the end, a turning point, but you havent. Whenyou do reach the end of the tunnel, you see the light. You see your motive of fighting the great fight. Living the dream. And why we must keep moving on.

I sink back down into my chair and let the cool breeze come through my window. Watching the gorgeous moonlit sky gaze down upon the earth. And this ain't no dream. This is for real.

Oh yeah, the person. I forgot to tell you. He's just a guy that I might actually, posistivly, aboslutely, half-way completely be in love with <3

The End

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