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The characters and places aren't mine in this story. Don't want any trouble, but it is a fantasy of this girl name Brittany I decided to publish her story. She isn't done with it but would you all really care?

The city was currently undergoing a cold war. Roanapur, the city of death, homed some of the most dangerous villains anybody can come across. Right now, those villains didn’t want to be caught dead anywhere on the streets. There was a hardcore fight between the ex-soldier, Roberta, and the U.S. They wanted her dead. Reason being that they didn’t want to be killed. This whole thing started when the U.S forces decided to bomb a ceremony killing her beloved master, Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace. Roberta’s state was that of a rabid dog. She recently killed off three squads. She was now looking for shelter. Her energy ran low due to the fact that she has been fighting so long. Her mind reared back to the days of her old occupation. She was a former FARC guerrilla trained as an assassin in Cuba and an internationally wanted criminal. Those days were over when Master Lovelace took her in and housed her. When the U.S killed him, vengeance was the only thing on her mind. It didn’t help that the pills she had to take to ease her mind ran out. Her mind grew hazy as exertion crept up on her and was also on the verge of panic from the situation she was in. Dodging through streets and allies, she spotted her temporary target. Turning the corner, she fluently dived through a basement window. She mentally thanked herself for being so agile. Inside was dark and, besides the sound of marching troops, gunshots, and cries of terror stricken bystanders, the room was silent. She sat in a corner in hopes of not being seen through the window that the moon shined through so delightfully. After hearing the footsteps of her enemies pass by, she took the opportunity to walk over to a soft rug that lay just in the middle of the floor. Feeling heavy, she dropped and laid on the wide spread fabric. It was quiet. The floor was cool and eased the aches and pains from the lacerations she gained from the relentless shootings, cuttings, and punches she received.   Roberta closed her eyes and started to try and gather her thoughts so she can think of a way to make her next move. Her medication that kept her sane was gone, so her mind was scrambled.  She was thinking too much. The silence in the room only making her many, many thoughts louder and it was eating at her, making her panic even more. She was just about to scream her frustration only to be postponed by a small sound on the other side of the room. She withdrew her twin Sistema Colt Modelo 1927s and pointed it at the source of where the sound came from. There in the corner of the basement room, by the doorway, was a girl. She was shaking like a wet dog in the rain. She looked to be mixed. Her hair was a bluish black color and was in a mess around her head. She must’ve had some trouble in with the hooligans of the city. Looking closer, Roberta saw that there was a large blood stain on her side. The girl was looking at her, wondering if she would pull the trigger. The tension in the room was suffocating. Roberta remembered killing children back then when she was working for the F.A.R.C. she didn’t think twice about doing it. She was the Bloodhound of Florencia. Once an assignment was given to her, she completed it. All who stood in her way felt the wrath of her cold blooded hands. No hesitation. Not a minute to hear any pleas from the victims of her weapons. Knowing this, Roberta was puzzled as to why she hadn’t shot this girl yet. It was agitating her. Her mind was now as loud as a rock concert and she wanted to shoot her own brains out. Then she thought of the young master Garcia and why she was fighting in the first place. Meanwhile, the girl was trying to figure out why she hadn’t been shot yet. The intruder with the gun pointed at her was just starring angrily at her. Barring her with dog like teeth and breathing heavily. She looked closely at the woman that was threatening her life. She saw anger, pain, and fear in her eyes. Being very cautious, the girl spoke. “Um…… Miss?..... C-can you please not shoot me?” The girl tried her best not to increase the volume of her voice even though she was as quiet as a mouse. Roberta slowly came back to reality from her daydream. She was now seeing the girl clearly. She lowered her gun and laid back down. Why didn’t she shoot? Maybe she was losing her touch. She then thought about the young master. She didn’t shoot him either. In fact, she and the boy had a very strong bond. Garcia is a harmless child and always found good in the worst of things. His smile always made her happy and she felt peace. She would do anything for the boy to keep him happy in return. He was only a child and shouldn’t have to witness the horrors of the world he would be exposed to in his older future. The realization hit her like a brick wall. The scared girl shaking in the cold corner of the room was just a child, a bit older than Garcia but still a child. She couldn’t shoot because the girl didn’t deserve it.  She breathed a heavy sigh and relaxed. She doubts that the girl would try anything, let alone move from her place. “Why are you still in the city? Everyone that’s alive has already evacuated. There is a war. You know that, right?” Roberta asked. The girl looked down in sadness. “……But this is my home. I can’t leave. My mom and dad are still here.” Roberta sat up once more to see the girl on the verge of tears. She looked around the room and didn’t see anyone else. Confused, she asked “Where are they?” The young lady sat there but looked to the door way. Roberta soon did the same. There was no door, just the frame. Roberta stood and walked over to the answer to her question. When she reached her destination, the first thing that hit her was a smell that made her nose burn and scrunch up. She looked down on the floor to see two bodies that were full of holes. They lay lifeless on each side of the door frame. She then heard a small sniffle and turned her head to look at the girl. “Did the soldiers do this?” Roberta asked.  The girl shook her head no in her arm and replied. “…. There were three men that came in here. They started to break everything, demanding money or anything valuable. My dad told them that we didn’t have anything and that we were as poor as they were. They weren’t happy with that response……. My mom told me to go hide. They didn’t know I was here. After I hid, mom and dad tried to keep them from searching the rest of the house and finding me. They got close to me but stopped to kill my parents.” The girl took a moment to sob. It was hard for her to explain what happened. The memories still fresh in her mind making her feel sick. She continued. “They shot them….. They kept shooting. They shot through the wall and hit me…. Then they left.” With that, the girl broke down in violent tears. Roberta looked back over to the girls’ parents as she felt anger build up again. There was the sound of the upstairs front door being forced open and loud footsteps. Roberta growled and without a second thought, snatched up the girl, pushed her through the window following behind her, picked her up once more to place the girl over her shoulder, then started running. Everything was happening too fast for the girl. What was going on? Where was this woman taking her? It took a few minutes to register what was happening before she started to protest. “LET ME GO! I HAVE TO STAY HOME! I CANT LEAVE MY MOM AND DAD! LET-ME-GO!” the girl screamed.  Roberta quickly dashed into an ally and let the girl down. The irritated young female was giving her a look of distaste. Her captor stared her dead in the eyes and explained “Your parents are dead. The city is a war zone. If you want to survive this hell, you have to let me help you.” The girl now looked at her in confusion. “Why are you helping me?” the girl asked. Roberta took a minute to answer. “…… I don’t know.” The girl frowned, not comfortable with the response her captors gave her. Before she could retort, she felt a sharp pain in her neck. In seconds the girl fell into Roberta’s arms in a deep slumber. Roberta hoists the girl back on her shoulder and continued to search for cover. At this rate, there was nowhere to hide in the city…….. Not in the city. She made yet another goal. The jungle should be sufficient.


In a fancy hotel in the center of the city, hotel Moscow, a boy sits in deep agonizing thought. Next to him is his maid who is known as Fabiola. Fabiola was hired as a maid for the Lovelace family and became Roberta’s subordinate and the only other person that knows martial arts. She was told, by Garcia Lovelace, to find the Lagoon crew so they could help find and retrieve the mad maid. Right now, all of them were sitting in the room silently. Rock was in as much stress as Garcia was because he was the one they mostly wanted help from. He was the brains of the lagoon crew. He was one of the smartest people in Roanapur. Finding Roberta was gonna be the hardest and/or last mission he’ll ever do. “That bitch with glasses is bat shit crazy. I heard that she was an assassin. To top it off, she was beyond pro at bit too. If you think Rock will find her, you’re as crazy as she is.” Revy Two hands broke the silence. She was the best gunslinger around. With her favorite twin guns, the Beretta 96fs cutlass, no one could beat her but Roberta. Revy was born as Rebecca Lee, a Chinese-American, in the poverty-stricken Chinatown district of New York City and raised by an abusive, alcoholic father. One day, after fleeing from one of her father's rampages, she was arrested, beaten, and raped by a corrupt police officer. Upon being returned home following this ordeal, Revy shot and killed her father after he callously asked her for another drink. Her life had been nothing but hell. As a result, she lost her faith in God. To police, they thought of her as “just another little ghetto rat, with no power and no God.” She didn’t care anymore. She hated the police and that was that. The last two members of the lagoon crew were Dutch and Benny. Dutch, the leader of the lagoon trading company and the captain of the ex-U.S. Navy PT boat Black Lagoon, was   a former United States Marine who fought in the Vietnam War. After it “ended” in 1973, he went AWOL and escaped to Thailand to work as a mercenary then started the Lagoon Company. Benny is the mechanic, computer specialist, and researcher of the crew. He’s a dropout from the University of Florida. He was studying computer engineering but got in trouble with the FBI and mafia had it not been for Revy, he would have been six feet under. Benny, since then, has been with the lagoon crew two years before Rock showed up.  They were summoned by Garcia only to be told that he want Rocks assistance. “If you really think that Rock can get that woman to come to her senses, you’re as crazy as she is.” Dutch announced. Revy also spoke up. “The bitch with glasses is bat shit crazy. There’s no way in hell he can pull it if and live.” Fabiola clenched her fist in anger. She didn’t like the way Revy was addressing the head maid. The room was thick with tension from the situation. “…… Roberta is lost. She is hurting from my father’s death.  Her mind is scrambled from the pills she’s been taking. I have to save her. She needs to come back to me.” Garcia said. “I don’t know of anyone else that can help me find her. Rock, you’re the smartest person I know that’s here. I know you can do it.” Rock was getting stressed. Roberta is hell on wheels. How can HE do it? “You said Roberta take pills, right? What does she take?” Garcia sat up from his worrying state and cleared his throat. “I remember seeing it in the kitchen when she was trying to cook. It’s called Ritalin. Last I seen, she was chugging them down.” Benny, Dutch, and Rock now had shocked expressions splayed across their faces. Revy was the one to make an outburst. “HA HA HA!!!!  That crazy bitch OD’d on chill pills?!! What a riot!”  She pointed to Rock comically. “You expect this mother fucker to help you “save” her?!!” In what seemed like seconds Fabiola had a shot gun aimed for Revy’s head. “Take it back.” Fabiola growled. Revy gave an eerie glare and said in a low voice “If you’re gonna point a gun at me, you better be fucking ready to kill. If not, I’ll be filling your ass full of lead  .” They stayed in a heated stare down for an uncomfortable short moment in time. 

The End

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