Change of PlanMature

Thankfully there wasn't a dead lock on the other side of the door. I walked carefully into the threshold of the house, the stench hit my noise, I tried not to choke. How could somebody live hear?! It was disgusting. I treaded carefully over the needle's and human excrement trying desperately not to tread in anything not just for my personally safety but so they didn't know I was hear.

I looked around and went up stairs to wait for Annie to come on the net.

"You in Danny?" said a cautious voice.


"Good. Where are you currently located in the house?"



"Nope. They haven't been hear for a few day's now, maybe they've  packed up shop."

"Unlikely. Maybe we got pinged."


"Can you speak Danny?!" I just clicked my tongue.  "That's a no then. Has someone entered the house?" I clicked my tongue twice this time. "Fucking great! Get out now, as quick as you can, over the back garden fence and keep going till the main road. I'll pick you up at the RV."  I heard the screech of tyres, I tried not to breath as a figure came through the front door. I waited till he stumbled into the living room out of site. As quietly as I could, I tip toed across to the upstairs window.

Luckily this was refurbished recently ,until these rat's moved in, so the windows wouldn't make too much noise. I squeezed out onto a roof that covered the back garden and jumped down with a small thud. I jogged across the lawn and jumped over the fence, thankfully with minimal noise. Whispering at this time of night sounds like shouting.

I jumped across three more gardens till I saw someone with a back gate, thankfully you could unlock it from this side. I walked as slowly as a dared to act normal, but I was running inside.

I would never say I wasn't scared, ever. Fear makes you make the decisions that either get you out alive, or dead. I walked to the RV which was a nearby Burger King. It was closed at this time in the morning but I wasn't hungry.

Annie came round the corner ten seconds later. She stopped near the curb with an annoyed expression on her face. I got in the car and she sped off. She was always annoyed when things didn't go to plan so it was always best to let her speak first. She let out a breath and let down her long brown hair.

"Now what do we do?"

"Go back to Thames House and tell them there isn't anything there anymore."

"Great." I left it there. You can never win an argument with Annie...

The End

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