Rogue RaceMature

Danny is a 'secret' agent. But after he gets a mission to find out about drug trafficing he learns quite alot about himself on the way.

Crescent Place, 2.34am.

I walked down the street at a normal pace. The last thing I wanted was a nosey neighbour  getting me pinged. Get In. Get out. That is what I was hear for.
Me and the team knew that nobody would be in the house, we've been on stag for the best of two weeks. Bloody boring if you ask me. Two of us would always be around ,twenty-four hours a day, seven day's a week. Now it was crunch time.

I walked past the house from the other side of the road, just naturally glancing at it as I walked past, trying to log every little detail into my brain. Don't look back, that was one of the rules.  I walked past and crossed the road to turn the corner. A couple of streets away there was a corner shop, that's what I was heading for.

I walked into the off-licence and headed to the drinks section.  

One bottle of two litre coke, scissors a bag of crisps and chocolate bar later I was ready. I walked into the park that we checked out a couple of days ago and found a bench. I took the coke and scissors out of my backpack. After a sip or two I tipped the rest down the drain. I wouldn't need it. I grabbed the scissors and cut the top and bottom off of the bottle, then I cut the bottle straight down the middle and cut out a circle. That's what I wanted. I ate my chocolate bar a crisps, no special use for them, I was just hungry and needed to pass the time.

By 2.58am I was back into Crescent Place. The street sounds posh but it's really a shit hole. With people hanging up there curtains with ducked tape. Not really a nice area to bring your kids.

I walked up to the house and took off my back pack, grabbed my plastic circle and swung it over my shoulder again. I rolled up the circle and stuck it in the door, waiting for the click of the lock. That was how it worked you roll up the circle and put it in the door waiting for it to turn over itself and click the lock back. It took about a minute.

I was just hoping there wasn't a dead lock on the other side, but I'll get to that when I come to it...

The End

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