Rocky the Skunk

There was once a skunk and his name was Rocky. In the Woods where he lived nobody loved him. He was too smelly. Then one day he had an idea."I know!" he thought."I'll go on an adventure! Nobody loves me so if I get killed, who'd care? And if I make it back in one piece, everyone will want to be my friend!" So that morning he packed his bags and few maps and off he went into the dark world outside the Woods. The road was long and bumpy and VERY HOT! He soon reached the edge of the Woods before dark and found a place to sleep across the silver river at a place called "Green Bin Hotel" It was quite smelly so he blended in. The very next morning he took an early start and made to the huge white mansion down the river. He found a circular hole in a massive door and jumped in. The next thing he heard was a screaming noise and he looked up and sure enough, towering over him was GIGANTIC WOMAN! Rocky scattered across the floor and jump out the open door. He made his way back to the river. "This is  enough exploring for one skunk!" he said to himself. By the time he had gone back through the forrest he was tired. He was nearly at his small house when. . . RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! A giant machine towered over their neighbourhood and it made a huge rumbling noise. Inside the machine was another giant, this time wearing a yellow helmet. Then Rocky had an idea. He ran over to the machine, jumped through the door and PRRRFT! He farted right in the giants face. The machine drove of. "Horray for Rocky!" They cried!

The End

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