Two sisters live a secret life.

Real Life

Name : Sandy Nights (Me)

Hair Colour : Dark Brown

Eye Colour : Dark Brown

Name : Jenny Nights (My Sis)

Hair Colour : Light Brown

Eye Colour : Light Brown

Double Life

Name : Sunny Days (Me)

Hair Colour : Red

Eye Colour : Dark Brown

Name : Zora Days (My Sis)

Hair Colour : Blue

Eye Colour : Light Brown



Hair Colour : Dark Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue


Hair Colour : White Blonde

Eye Colour : Green


Hair Colour : Black

Eye Colour : Hazel


Hair Colour : Light Brown Almost Blonde

Eye Colour : Greeny Blue


Me and my sis Jenny are in our room talking.

We need to get ready for our concert tonight” I say.

Yeah Sunny and Zora are going to rock!” says Jenny. Our Dad walks in with two hot chocolates and sits down on the bed.

Are Sunny and Zora ready for their concert tonight” says Dad.

You bet we are” we say. We get ready and put on our wigs. We get in the limo and head for our concert. We get on stage and sing our songs and walk of stage and mobbed by our fans when we try to get into our dressing room, two of which are Tawni and Phoebe two of our best friends.

Sunny, Zora we love you!” they shout. We run manage to get into our dressing room after signing loads of autographs.

That was an amazing show” I say.

One of the best” says Jenny. We get in the limo and drive home. The next morning we get up and go to school, when we get there we meet up with Tawni, Phoebe, Shane and Zac.

Hey how was the The Days concert last night” I say to Phoebe and Tawni.

It was amazing they were fab!” says Tawni.

You should come with us next time” says Phoebe.

No The Days aren't really are sort of thing” says Jenny.

Yeah” I say.

How can you not like them they are gorgeous” says Shane.

They're goddesses” says Zac.

Calm down like you two have a chance with them” I say.

Yeah like two rockstars want to go out with two high school boys” says Jenny. The rest of the day is boring and when school finishes Tawni and Phoebe come round ours. Me and Jenny know what we have to do. They come up to our room and we sit them down.

We have something to tell you” says Jenny.

I'm not just Sandy Nights” I say.

And I'm not just Jenny Nights” says Jenny.

I'm also Sunny Days” I say.

And I'm Zora Days” says Jenny.

Yeah as if” says Tawni. Me and Jenny walk into our closet and walk back out as Sunny and Zora.

We told you” says Jenny. Phoebe and Tawni just sit there staring at us. We go back into the closet and come back out normal.

I can't believe it we love your music” says Phoebe.

Hey next concert you should come with us” says Jenny.

OMG! Yes!” says Tawni.

OK but you need names” I say.

OK I'll be Alexis” says Tawni.

And I'll be Marissa” says Phoebe. We get Tawni a black wig and Phoebe a light brown wig. Our next concert is tomorrow night so we get our outfits ready for it and I call Dad up and he walk in and sits on the bed.

Dad we told them about The Days” says Jenny.

And they're coming with us tomorrow” I say.

And it's OK they have new identities” says Jenny.

Say hello to Alexis and Marissa” I say. We move out the way and show Phoebe and Tawni posing in there wigs.

Ta da!” me and Jenny say. Dads smiles.

Finally you know that makes life so much easy” he says. He goes down stairs and makes us all a hot chocolate brings it up, he goes back downstairs and watches TV.

OMG! What about Shane and Zac they are in love with Sunny and Zora” says Phoebe. We all laugh.

Do you two know who likes who” says Jenny.

Well Shane likes Sunny and Zac likes Zora” says Tawni.

OMG! Should we tell them” says Jenny.

No they have tickets for tomorrow lets have some fun first” I say. Tawni and Phoebe go home and we go to sleep. The next morning we get up and go to school. The first part of the day is boring and we meet up with Zac and Shane at lunch.

Hey boys Sunny and Zora are single and would totally date their fans, it said on their website” I say.

Maybe you do have a chance” says Jenny.

Well good thing were going to the concert tonight” says Shane. The school day finishes and Tawni and Phoebe come round ours to get ready. We all wear the same thing, a strapless mini dress with matching stilettos but mines black, Jenny's is white, Tawni's is pink and Phoebe's is blue. We get in the limo and drive to the concert and Sunny and Zora go on stage and sing our songs and the end we go off stage and come back on.

Me and my sister Zora would like to introduce you to our best friends” I say.

Yes we would Sunny say hello to Melissa and Alexis” says Jenny. Phoebe and Tawni run on stage and we all hug.

Tonight we will pick two people to come and hang out with us in our dressing room so come outside our dressing room” I say.

We'll be there soon” says Jenny. We walk of stage and over to our dressing room and see that Shane and Zac our there as is about 100 other people. We walk through to the door and luckily Shane and Zac are right up the front.

OK you two come with us” we say grabbing Zac and Shane and pulling them into the room.

What are your names” I say.

I'm Shane” says Shane.

And I'm Zac” says Zac.

Well welcome” says Jenny. We all sit down.

Boys we have a surprise” says Jenny.

Um OK..” says Shane.

Close your eyes” I say. Me and Jenny walk up to them.

Open your eyes” we say and when they do we kiss them and they kiss us back. We stop kissing them and me, Jenny, Phoebe and Tawni burst out laughing. We pull of our wigs and Shane and Zac just sit there amazed.

Your dream girls were your best friends” I say.

So wait Sandy and Jenny your Sunny and Zora” says Zac.

Yep” we say.

Cool” they say.

So are we still your dream girls” says Jenny.

No maybe not” says Shane. We all laugh.

We want you two to join us back stage but you need wigs and new names” says Phoebe.

OK I'll be Nick” says Zac.

And I'll be Jason” says Shane. We give Zac a black wig and Shane a dark brown wig. They put them on and we all pose in the mirror. Then laugh. We all sneak out the back and into the limo.

I like this” says Zac.

Me to” says Shane.

The End

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