I grabbed the last cocaine filled balloon and threw it across the room. The balloon popped and whatever remaining coke sprinkled like icing sugar all around; taking awhile to settle on the furniture, probably because I had the fan blowing. Man, was I high.
 It was a long winter night and I couldn’t sleep. I paced silently around the single room cabin, glancing at the slumbering bodies of my friends, none woke up when I tossed the coke, though most of it covered them, they’ll be mad that I did that. The dying orange fire glistened in the background. The flames seemed to dance on the wall, creating shadow puppets through the half empty liquor bottles scattered around the mahogany table. Gazing at the fire with much intent, I finally surrendered to my internal crave for a cigarette. Taking one last look around the dimly lit cabin, I stepped into crisp virgin snow outside.
 A slight breeze russled the trees in the nearby forest. I took out a pack of Kool brand cigarettes and knocked the bottom of the pack to produce a fag, that’s all I smoked. Looking up and into the moonlit sparkling sky, I peered into the souls of every individual starlit anomaly in the blackened pantheon we call the universe. I plucked and straddled a single cigarette between my fingers and proceeded to light it with my Led Zeppelin Zippo lighter. This treasured item was a Christmas gift from my Canadian live-in girlfriend, Aria Westilore. I loved her with all my heart and it showed through all of my everyday emotions. I even held the lighter as though I were holding her, gently, but with a firm grasp, eternally promising to never let her go. Shivering, possibly because of the lack of nicotine, but mostly because of the -10 degree weather, I struck the wheel, sparking the flint, hoping to ignite the flame. No dice. I flicked the wheel several more times, trying to get some positive reaction out of the lighter. However, with my luck seeming to be running bone dry, so went with it the lighter fluid. Although you’d figure hot-headedness came with my job, it wasn’t my strong suit. Frustration set in and closing my fingers around it, I lunged back and threw the lighter into the trees. On release, my eyes watched the flying lighter till I noticed a shadowy figure up against a tree, with a small glow of a lit cigarette protruding from its mouth. Landing meters away, the figure picked the metallic object up and with much ease in the deep snow, slowly proceeded towards me. I didn’t move. My joints seized up like a bad car trying to start, my brain the key, broken inside the ignition. The figure came within arms length and proceeded to reach out to me. Illuminated by the moonlight over the verdant treetops, the dark figure held out its hand, , the pale palm bearing a new lighter. “Need a light?” the dark figure asked.
 “Jim!” I shouted with much enthusiasm. “You near gave me a heart attack bro”
 “It’s what I do” Jim chuckled, lighting up my cig with his lighter.
 “What are you doing out here?”  I asked
 “Oh, I had to get out of that cabin; its way too warm in there. Besides, a midnight walk in 5ft of snow never hurt anyone. What about you?
 “Dude, I’m never going to snort coke again, I’m giving up that shit.
 “Just so long as you stick to it” Jim concluded.  “How’s your buzz?”
 “It’s dying down, that shit is weak anyways, who did you get it from? Your brother?”
 “No, you got anymore blow left?”
 “Sure, I’m think Aria has some still on her back, if you can get enough for a line, why don’t you just take it off there?” I laughed.
 “I’ve already done that once...”
 “Don’t worry dude, nothing happened, she passed out soon afterwards so i left, what did you do with the coke anyways? Sprinkle it around thinking it was fairy dust?”.
 “I…it was a quick decision sort of thing”.
 “Well, your “quick decision” is going to get everyone mad at you”.
 “I know… I know”.
 Stamping out the cigarette, I turned back towards the cabin, ready to retire my energy deprived body for a long nights sleep, hoping that tomorrow I’ll be well enough for my gig. I walked over to Aria, who was sleeping comfortably; stretched out on the velvet couch with a fur blanket across her half naked figure, only the thin strings of her thong stopped a maelstrom of ecstasy from revealing itself to the world. Kissing her softly on the cheek, the warmth of her skin was a blessing on my wind-chilled lips. I crawled into my king sized plush bed, threw off the furs that covered and waited for the Sandman to come.

The End

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