"I'm listed."Mature

"What are you doing here?" The question came out entirely wrong. Blythe could already feel her stomach fluttering. It had been half a year since the party where she had received a mild concussion and shared a brief kiss with a legendary rock star. She had walked away even though he had seemed like a really nice guy. She had Parker to think about, and the kind of lifestyle Will Morrison led was not one suited for a child. 

"Errr..." William hung his head slightly and took a deep breath. "I was hoping to ask you out for coffee." He said looking back up. Blythe was still a little stunned and her brain was slow to catch up.

"Mom, doesn't drink coffee." A smaller voice chimed in.

William looked down and smiled at the young boy. "Why not?" He asked cheerfully.

The boy shrugged. "I dunno. She said it tastes bad unless you put a bunch of sugar in it. So she drinks, like, tea and stuff. We have tea in the cabinet." He perked up helpfully. "I'll go get some!" With that the boy turned and headed back into the house. The dog took one more long look at William before he begrudgingly followed his small master.

"I'm sorry. That question came out wrong." Blythe finally spoke and William met her eyes with a worried expression. "Well, no the question came out right, but it was rude."

"I get it." Will replied, but Blythe continued.

"Hi, it's nice to see you again. It really is, but I meant what I said." Blythe looked suddenly torn and exasperated, and William took the cue. 

He spoke quickly, so as not to be cut off. "I know. Really, I do. I totally get it, and I know it's been, like, half a year. And it's totally cool if you say no. I mean for all I know you met someone and you've obviously got a really great life. I'm not here to mess any of that up. I just..." He paused not sure what to say next. Instead he thrust a manila file folder toward her.

Blythe took the folder with a curious expression. "What is it?" She asked opening the file.

William ran a hand through his hair and breathed out quickly. "Proof that I'm clean. That I've been clean. Well, for at least six months. I was when we met, too, but I couldn't really prove that. So I brought this." He shrugged with failed, feigned indifference.  

Blythe let out a small incredulous laugh, and caught his worried eye. "Um, yea, come on in. The place is a mess. We don't usually clean up until just before dinner." William's tension faded instantly and he grinned wildly, taking a step inside. "One question." Blythe asked as they exited the short entry way. She glanced back at him with a strange expression. "How did you find me?"

The rock star winced. "I...hired a PI." He admitted guiltily. To his surprise the woman laughed.

"What a waste of money. I'm listed; you dork." She laughed wholeheartedly at his surprise. "You literally could have just gone through the phone book and looked for the only "Blythe".

With a sigh of defeat Will shrugged again. "Whatever, I'm just glad that I found you."

The woman gave him another odd look, but smiled. "Come on." She beckoned with her hand. We were going to have some lunch."

William could hardly hold the bounce from his step. 

Will was standing in the living room of Blythe's home with his hands tucked into the pockets of his blue jeans. The rock star took in the home and realized this was one of the things that Blythe had wanted to protect. It wasn't anything spectacular. There were wood floors, mostly white walls with a few accent colors here or there. The furniture was mismatched, but not terribly old. The tv was a flat screen, not too big, not too small. It was over all a quaint middle class home. It was a good place to raise a kid, and as a single mom Blythe had probably worked very, very hard for it.

"Sorry," Blythe began as she brushed some dirt off on her jeans. "Parker wrecked his bike last week and the chain has been acting up. I had to fix it." Will just nodded, watching her as she began  busying herself with cleaning up lunch. 

"I can help with that." He said hurrying to the table to pick up plates. Blythe stopped suddenly and set the dishes she was holding back on the table. Surprised, William looked up to find her looking straight at him.

Still clutching the stack of plates she had set down, "I have a son." She stated plainly.

Will smiled softly. "I noticed. He seems like a good kid." 

"And you still want to get coffee?" She asked blandly.

At this the rock star grinned. "You don't like coffee. How about tea?" 

The End

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