Chapter 2Mature

Santana rolled her eyes as Rachel started up yet another conversation about band names and song ideas and made a mental note to kick Puck for making her travel in the car with Rachel while he had his ‘man time’ with trouty mouth.

“Santana are you even listening to me? This is important band discussion!” Rachel said, taking her eyes off the road for a second to look at Santana, who was looking out of her window.

“Calm it, Berry. We’ve got weeks to decide all that stuff. Just chill... Anyway, it’s not fair to make decisions without the other two.” She heard Rachel taking a deep breath behind her and she rolled her eyes, which seemed to happen rather a lot when Rachel was around.

Rachel pulled the car into the service station and parked next to Puck’s beat up old car. She jumped out and smiled at Santana, who groaned as she pulled herself out of the car. Rachel locked the doors and practically skipped over to the food court. Santana followed her begrudgingly and tried to avoid eye contact with people she passed on the way over. Eventually she spotted Puck and Sam, sat together, both with large hamburgers in their hands and drinks on the table in front of them. Rachel bounded over to them and started animatedly talking and Santana shook her head.

Puck smiled up at Santana through a mouthful of burger. “Attractive, dude.” she said, shaking her head slowly and chuckling. “Where’s mine?”

“You said she’d get you one,” he said, his words muffled by the food in his mouth, nodding towards Rachel.

“So I did...” Santana said, smirking. “C’mon Berry.” She walked off towards the burger restaurant, Rachel behind her whining about vegan options and unsanitary conditions, but Santana simply scoffed at her complaints.

They returned to the table a few moments later, Rachel carrying some sort of vegan wrap and diet soda and Santana carrying a double cheeseburger and a black coffee. Puck grinned at her as she started eating, “Geez... you must be hungry,” he smirked and watched in amazement as Santana devoured the burger as if she’d been starving for months. She kicked him under the table and he laughed, looking over at Rachel who had hardly touched her food, “You okay, Rach?”

“Mmm,” Rachel replied, nodding. There was a tone of insincerity in her voice and both Sam and Santana turned their attention to her. She looked up at them, and looked confused, “What? Do I have something on my face?” she reached for her handbag and rifled through it.

“No...” Sam said, “You just seem...” he paused and thought for a moment, searching for the appropriate word.

“Unfocused,” Santana cut in. “’Sup, Berry?” she lifted the cup to her mouth and drank some coffee, wincing slightly as the initial bitter taste hit her tongue.

“No... it’s nothing.... Really!” she said when they all looked at her disbelievingly, “Really, it’s nothing.”

“Rachel,” Santana said, “You’re Rachel Berry. If you’re unfocused, something’s wrong... We’re friends, you can tell us,”

Rachel chuckled weakly, “Of all the people to call me a friend...” she trailed off and smiled appreciatively at Santana, “I’m just tired...”

 Santana shook her head and sighed, "Okay, but we asked, don't complain about us not caring."

Rachel looked up at her and took a deep breath before forcing a wide smile, "Eat up, we need to get back on the road soon!"

The End

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