Robin Quartz and Rise of the Dead

this book deals with the natural enemies (the werewolves and the vampires), including the whole underworld. it is about a guy named Robin Quartz who always loved ghost stories, movies and horror stuff. But when he realizes that its all true and he is actually surviving it, he starts to make a deadly choice: to battle against the Undead to save this world.







Chapter 1


My name is Robin Quartz and I'm sixteen. I always loved stories. Stories of horror- evil and the dead. I've always wanted to have supernatural powers- like the ones vampires and werewolves have. And I loved monsters- vampires, werewolves, cupids, gremlins, mummies, zombies, gargoyles and other stuff. It's easy to think- to feel about them... but once if you suffer it- it's like facing the world's most dangerous problem. I was an ordinary kid, going to an ordinary college, with ordinary friends. But something extraordinary happened to me and my friend Max- that completely changed our lives. It started when the second show of Evil dead three ended.




It was December seventeenth. Max, Ryder and I were going to a movie- Evil dead 3. I always wanted to watch the movie since its release. I, Ryder and Max are horror freaks. We simply love horror movies. Max's driver was taking us to the movie in their Volkswagen. Max is terribly rich. His family owns three five-star and two three-star hotels. Ryder, I and Max are best friends since our kindergarten. And we've always been fascinated by horror movies, novels, comics, toys and other stuff.

Finally, we reached the theatre. It wasn't so crowded, we easily got our tickets and strolled in. the movie was about to start. The hall was scarcely occupied, so we raced down to the front most seats from the balcony.

"This is going to be fun." Ryder commented.

"Yeah." Max and I agreed.


  The film was really awful... and awesome. Max, I and Ryder waited for the driver to come. After a while, Ryder's parents came in their wagon with loads of luggage and picked Ryder- as they were going to leave to Paris. They couldn't drop us at our homes because they had to hurry to Los Angeles international airport to catch their flight before it gets too late. We waited more patiently for Max's driver to come. It was already eleven thirty in the night. The first show finished hours back, and a very few people were arriving at the theatre to watch second show films. How much ever Max tried to call the driver from his phone, it said that the mobile was switched off. And finally, Max's mobile was out of money.

 We decided to go back by walk- to the nearby bus-stop, because the movie-hall was in the outskirts of the city and there were less probabilities of finding Taxis in the area we currently were. And another bad news was, our parents went to a restaurant to dine tonight, and already warned us not to call them, their cell phones are going to be switched off, even if we call them.

Max didn't speak for few minutes, while we were going. I spoke finally- "Did you enjoy the movie?"

"This is the hundredth time you're asking." he replied.

"Let's talk." I said. "I'm getting bored."

"What should we talk? The only thing I want to talk is... I WANT TO KILL THE DRIVER!" He roared.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down dude. I agree that it's your driver's unforgivable fault. But... I think we should try to get back to our homes safely than cursing the driver." I said. "Yeah." Max said, calming down. "You're right."

After few minutes, we were awfully tired. Max took out his Sony ericcson navigator and checked out the place we currently were in. he struggled hard to locate the place in the big town map, and eventually declared the route- "Yeah. That's it. The best way to get back our homes- safe and sound."

"What is it?" I enlightened myself.

"But, I don't think you'd agree." He said. I frowned. "It's not the time for tricks, Max. Tell me the route. The SAFEST route."

Max gave a slight grin. "So... Robin wants the safest route back to the city." He lowered his eyes.

"C'mon Max. I've lost my patience!" I yelled.

"Fine. Do you know the Frostland graveyard?"


"It's just few meters away. It's the best shortcut to get to the Peterson's cabs. And from there, we can get back to our houses, safe and sound, as you wished. This is the only safe way to the city we've got. So... what do you say?"

I thought for a while. The movie of Evil dead nearly spooked the hell outta me. It wasn't a good idea to take a graveyard as a shortcut in the midnight, after you've seen a horror movie.

"Um... I... I think the main road would be better." I said nervously. "So..." Max started. "You're scared."

"I'm not." I replied quickly.

"Then why don't we try it out? You see, I'm ready to go. You can come with me, only if you're brave enough." He said, and walked off. I sprinted after him. "I... I... I'm ready to come." I answered back.

 He grinned. "Good."

We took a right turn from the main road, and trudged to the left of the Blitsberg hills. I could see a big, steel board, which was awfully rusty.



Was engraved on it.

I gulped.

We stopped in the front of the main gate. I looked in through the old iron bars of the old, wrecked gate and everything looked cold and ugly. "Let's go in." I said.

"You sure?" Max asked, studying the letters engraved on the steel board. "So, why don't you just accept that you're afraid, huh?" I asked him, giving a grin.

"Look there." Max said, pointing towards the steel board. He was looking pale. I looked up. There was nothing accept the steel board indicating the graveyard. "What's the matter?" I asked. "I agree that the steel board is dreadfully rusty. It must have been the same for years." I said to him. "I'm not telling that, stupid. Look at the letters. ‘Frostland graveyard'. Its... it's..." I studied the letters once again. The clouds drifted away, and the moonlight fell straight on the steel board, and everything was clear. I gasped in shock. The letters- ‘Frostland graveyard' was written in blood. It was very clear. And the smell was so damp and disgusting; I wanted to get out of there, because the board was welcoming us into the graveyard, which was weird.

But I hardly believed in ghosts. They're cool, that's true, and we get to enjoy the horror in movies. But it is not true. And I strongly believed it.

"C'mon Max." I said, cheering up. "That must have been written in red ink, that's it. Maybe to drive away the people looking for a shortcut."

Max gulped. "Okay..." he started. "Let's go."

We passed through some grave rocks with trees surrounding them, an apparent growth of moss under them. Max and I huddled close to each other, alert all time. We were continuously imagining some monster leaping out of a nearby tree to attack us, or the zombies coming up to eat us from the grave rocks. We were silent all the time, and suddenly, I heard a twig snap.

We froze...

And looked around, slowly tilting our heads. And waited...

Nope. No danger. An owl from a nearby tree hooted so loudly that we almost jumped out of our skin. Max couldn't resist it. He spotted the owl and glared at it. "That was a very dumb joke of yours, Mr. Owlie!" he said loudly, and hauled a small rock at it. The bird escaped easily, and I asked him to stop it, when he continued throwing stones at the tree.

"Stop it!" a voice yelled.

We turned back in alarm. "What do you think you kids are doing over here in the midst of the night?!" the man yelled in anger. He was tall and old, with wrinkles on his skin and a broad nose. He was thin, and his eyes were very sharp, even though it was midnight. "What are you doing in my graveyard? Get out!" he shrieked.

"I... I'm sorry sir." Max said, regretting. He explained the whole story to the keeper, and also about our presence in the graveyard. Finally, the keeper said- "Hmm..."

He turned away to go back, but he stopped and frowned at us. "No." he said sharply.

"What... what do you mean by no?" Max asked. "Go away from here. This place is dangerous. It's almost twelve in the midnight."

"But... but this is the only short-cut we've got." I said.

"I told you that this place is dangerous. Now, don't waste my time and go away."

"But sir..." Max started.

"GET LOST!!!" The keeper roared. "Don't you understand my language? Or do you want me to speak in some Italiano or French? Just get lost!"

"No sir. We are not going to go anywhere. We don't know the way back, and we're struck up here. There's no way out except for proceeding forward." I said. I was serious.

"No... its not... you don't..." the keeper turned towards the full moon and covered his face with his palms. "Get out..."

"It's nearly twelve, we understand." Max started. "You are the keeper, so you must know the way out, right?"

"No..." he struggled hard, his skin twitched, his wrinkles wriggled. "Aargh!" his voice seemed to change all of a sudden.

"Why don't you show us the way?" Max asked.

The keeper's skin cracked, and a bright blue light blinded our eyes. When we opened our eyes, the keeper was still facing the moon, but he seemed to change. He was very skinny, bony, he was bended. He had sharp claws on his wrists.


That made a chill run down my spine. "Is he alright?" I whispered to Max, my voice trembling. Max was too astonished to answer. "You want the way out... children?" he spoke, in a cold, frosty voice and turned around. I and max nearly jumped out of our skins. He was looking awful, with bulging hot-red eyes, and razor sharp canines. He was a ghoul. The midnight ghoul of the Frostland graveyard.

Max grabbed my hand, and we ran at once. My legs felt shaky all the way, but we burst out to top speed, praying to get rid of the horrible ghoul. We ran through the glade of the trees, skipping away the grave rocks, from which the hands of dead were slowly rising.

Thump... thump... thump...


We raced through the right of the big well which just appeared, escaping the roots and rocks, and coffins.

Thump... thump... thump...


It was our turn to take a left. We passed through some sculptures of old monsters and searched breathlessly for an exit.

Thump... thump... thump...


Finally, we were stopped at a dead end, exhausted. "I... I don't believe this..." I started, panting ridiculously. Max was too horrified to speak. It was true that we loved these creatures, but we thought that everything was a fiction and they were cool. But now...

 All the ghouls, zombies, vampires, cliff monsters and gargoyles have surrounded us. The eldest vampire from all of them said-

"You always liked our amazing powers..." he started, in a chilling voice. "You'd like it more if we demonstrate them...

On you..."



The End

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