Skeletons in the Closet, Monsters in the Bedroom

The thing pulled away from the shadows and hissed. It was vaguely humanoid in shape, but the similarities ended at that. Its skin was black and covered in hairline cracks that seemed to ooze with its' dark intent. Its long many-jointed fingers ended in deadly talons that tore through the carpet with one stroke. The head of the foul thing, which was supported by a spindly neck, was much too large for its wraith-like body. I saw several rows of needle sharp teeth glimmer from it's' ink black face in a grin that was more terrifying than the creature's snarl. It narrowed its' blood-red pupiless eyes at me and beckoned me with a crooked finger.

"Come, child," It hissed. I was rooted to the spot, terrified beyond words. I clutched the black box tightly and blinked in surprise. Whatever was inside of it rattled madly? The box sent of waves of warmth that melted my fear like ice faced by a cold day.

Open Me! The box seemed to shout, but there was no time. Just as I unfroze, another appeared in the bedroom door.

"Do not try to fight us," the new abomination hissed.

Gathering my courage, I ran into the hall and barely dodged a swipe from one of the things. I bumped into a wall in my haste. I ran full-speed for the front door box clutched in front of me, lungs heaving. I took a second to glance over my shoulder and wished I hadn't. One of the things had gone down on all fours and was galloping towards me. I yanked open the door and just in time, and ducked. A woosh of air ruffled my hair and there stood the beast, impossibly black except for its' glittering red eyes. I could have sworn the thing was looking at me with contempt. It slowly stalked forward and I stumbled back into the house, only to be met by the other monster. I was so close to freedom, yet so far away.

"I told you not to fight us, stupid Halfling," It snarled, and I was surprised. The thing actually sounded female. The box in my arms was shaking so hard I wasn't able to hold it any longer. I let it fall to the ground and hurriedly found the clasp. The box nearly slammed itself open, and inside were the most beautiful swords I have ever seen. They hummed with subdued power and my hands itched to hold them. I took each of them up and turned so that each sword was pointed at a dark thing. The blade's seemed to almost sing with their anticipation.

"Feh, put those toys down," the female freak hissed. "They might be fearsome, but the wielder doesn't know how to use them."

My left arm suddenly lunged forward and neatly skewered the female thing through the middle. I screamed and tried to pull the blade free of the corpse but it was stuck in its rib cage. I heard a howl of rage come from my right, so I quickly let the sword and dead body fall to the floor and turned to face the other one. It bared its' needle teeth at me, it's red eyes burning with hatred as we circled each other. The sword pulled me forward as it made a quick jab, but the creature moved back into a shadow and disappeared. I watched to make sure that it didn't pop out from elsewhere for a moment, and then turned back to the one I had killed.

I gagged. While my back was turned, the thing had decomposed. Now all that remained was a skeleton floating in a pool of white goo. I pulled the blade free and wiped it on the carpet. I returned both weapons to their box, grabbed my mother's unopened present and was out of there.

While I had fought for my life, a storm had begun to rage. Wind whistled through the trees and rain fell in huge pounding waved. I shielded my face and stumbled down the sidewalk. Wind beat at me from every side until I barely knew which way was up. I took a moment to look behind me and felt a stab of fear. Those damn creatures were roiling down the sidewalk, a mass of red eyes and needle teeth. I gasped and tried to run. The wind caught my hair and whipped it violently about. I almost stumbled and fell but I kept on.

I had run a block when I realized the dark was not only behind me, but in front of me as well. I slowed to a halt and sat the box down. When I flipped the latch the weapons flew into my hands. I growled fiercely to make myself seem intimidating and waved my weapons in a pretty good imitation of a chicken. Man was I screwed. At least I would take a few of the demons' eyes with me.

"Back up! I'm armed." I shouted into the wind. The rolling mass on either side of me converged to form a ragged circle and separated into 5 dozen little dark freaks.

Oh crap.

"Can you even use those Halfling?" one of them hissed. The rest raised a susurrus of laughter and I waved the sword in my left hand cockily.

"Gee, I don't know, why not ask your dead friend back at my house?"

That statement pissed a couple of them off. Two jumped at me from the front and he sword knew what to do. I was dragged forward as the right sword beheaded one and the left gutted another. I ducked one as one tried to go for my face and squealed in a decided unwarrior-like manner when the same monster latched onto my hair and pulled me off balance. The wind got knocked out of me as I hit the pavement. Stars flashed before my eyes and I was stunned. Yet the swords kept swinging.
The freaks began to close in around me until I couldn't even see the storm clouds. The swords tried to keep up the offensive, but they weren't doing any lethal damage due to the enemy's proximity. What the did do was keep me from becoming dark thing-chow long enough to see a black Mercedes pull up next to the battle scene. One of the things managed to crawl onto my back and press my head into the pavement and I screamed out of frustration. The drivers' side door opened and shut and I caught sight of a fancy pair of mens' dress shoes for the thing scraped my head across the sidewalk. The voice that belonged to these dress shoes cursed in a decidedly British accent.

"Blasted things, be gone from here!"

and a blinding light pervaded my vision. Screams of pain filled the air for a moment and then faded away. I blinked away the odd splodges of light and looked towards my rescuer. As far as first impressions go, I was rather scared. He had one of those things by the throat and one of the scariest feral snarls I have ever seen.

"How did you come to be here, thing?" He said as he viciously shook the creature like a rag doll. The thing gurgled and clicked and I realized it was laughing.

"Ice eyes, you're quite feared in our world." It hissed. "Who would've thought the fearsome Ice eyes would have stooped to protecting little girls?"

"Thing, if you value what little time you have left on this mortal coil, I suggest that you tread lightly. Or I shall make your passing more unpleasant than need be."

The thing let loose a pained gurgle as it considered its' options and then relented. "The master has need of her."

"Well nitherling, your master is little more than a child with eyes too big for his head. Pity you will be unable to tell him that for me." The guy, ‘ice-eyes' then did something that made the creature burn to a crisp. Looking at his hands with distaste, he pulled a white handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned them. A little scared, I got to my feet and stumbled over to him as he pulled a pair of stylish glasses from his suit pocket and donned them. He turned and smiled at me, which was a great change from the snarl, trust me. And then of all things, he bowed.

"Greetings Miss Robin, it's been awhile." He pulled open the passenger door. Sure, he could not be the Alexander guy mom talked about, but he just saved my skin. Right now, anywhere was better than here. I clutched the re-boxed pair of swords in my arms as he climbed into the driver's seat. If he was the guy mom talked about, then not only was he trustworthy, but he could answer my questions. So I got into a strange person's car and hoped for the best.

The End

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