Faith ? | Age 12

"Robert. Why was I found?" Faith asked.

Robert sitting at his desk, writing something down. Margret sitting at the window seat, drinking some tea.

"Why you ask?" Margret said, taking a sip.

She turned her eyes to Margret. She stood at the door with the teddy bear in her hands. Margret opened his eyes at her.

"Because we need you to keep an eye on stuff, Teddybear. Well you're younger sister is going to be a pawn, isn't that right Robert?" Margret said, turning his head to Robert at the desk.

Teddybear | Age 16

"Yes." Robert said taking his attention from the paper and looking up at Teddybear.

Teddybear is from our world. So Faith is. I was lucky that I found her before Margret did. Robert thought

"Teddy, go make the others defeat Ueki. We need to get him out of the way, being the only other celestial in the tournament." Margret said, taking another sip of his tea.

"Yes sir." Teddy said bowing and left the room.

Teddy walked down the little hall in the dark. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going in the dim light. She bumpt in to a side table with a vase of flowers on it. Teddy came to and noticed she accidently made a noise. She frozed and then ran to her little hide out, in the darkest corner of the hallway. She disappeared.

The End

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