The Noise

A poor girl suffered in her family. Her parents already had a succesful child, they didn't have much fiath in their second child. So a person helpt her forget. Someone so beautiful had to suffer so much since birth. Since she had her thoughts ereased, the person tried to take care of her, but everyday they had to repeat the same things over and over. Until one day they had to put her out... to find her own new fate in life, a place to call home, a person to love.


Ueki | Age 13

"Ueki-kun. It's time to eat." Myuoji said walking towards the dining room.

Time to eat? It's almost is like a camp. Ueki thought.

Once everyone was in the room. Reiko was standing at the head of the table. Marco stood along side the kichen door. Everyone sat awaiting for Reiko to speak.

"Everyone. I have an anoucement to make." Reiko said.

"Hurry up then. I'm hungry." Don said leaning back on the chair and putting his feet up on the table.

"As everyone knows that our secret guest upstairs in the room across from Robert's." Reiko said.

Everyone, but Don, leaned in more.

"Today is the day that you get meet our guest." Reiko said.

"My name is Faith. Reiko's younger sister." A voice said.

Reiko stepped aside from where she stood and Faith stepped forward smiling sweetly. Don fell back on the floor with his chiar.

But I heard the same voice say 'Big borther.' What does this mean? Ueki thought in shock.

"Nice to meet you all. I know what you all have, but sadly I'm not a power user. So I'm pretty much usless to you all. But there's another thing you people have to know. I'm working on becoming an actress. So lately I've had Robert help me play my role properly" Faith siad.

Did she read my mind? Ueki thought stunned even more.

Myuoji | Age 13

I thought Reiko was an only child. He thought.

"As some of you may know. Reiko has told you that she was an only child, but her father is my father." Faith said.

"How old are you?" Myouki asked.

"I'm twevle." Faith said.

So he had an afair. Myuoji thought.

"Yes her father had an afair with my mom. Reiko's mother doesn't know and our father doesn't know about me." Faith said.

Something was moving upstairs from where Myuoji sat. He heard and checked around the room, to see if anyone else noticed. He saw Ueki looking up.

The End

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