Robert | Age 13

As Robert opened his eyes, he looked around him and found himself in his room. How did Faith get me in my room all by herself? She's still sick. He thought as he felt his forehead.

Moments later he sat up in his bed. He looked at his clothes; saw that his bed sheets were changed.

I know she doesn't have enough strength to get me in my bed by herself, but let alone change my sheets and pajamas? She's too weak at the moment and I made sure of it. He thought and placed his feet on the rug next to his bed.

His feet slipped into his slippers. He looked down and saw them there, and then he looked up and saw Faith sleeping, sitting up on the chair at his desk. Robert walked over to her and felt her forehead.

She still has a fever. He thought and he started walking towards the door. When he was outside his room, he heard Becky scream from downstairs. So he walked over to see what it was all about.

"What happened?" Don asked.

"I thought I saw someone." Becky said.

"What did they look like?" Don asked.

"It looked as if it was a ghost." Becky said shivering.

Robert stopped around the corner; neither Don nor Becky knew he was around the corner hearing their conversation.

"What serious, are you sure you weren't seeing things?" Don asked to make sure.

"I'm serious as serious can be, Don." Becky said looking up at him.

Back at the corner, Robert wasn't there anymore.

"I believe you, Becky." Don said.

The End

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