True face-Flase Face?

Faith | Age Unknown

She can't lie. Faith thought. She loves Robert so much she won't disobey him at all. So this has to be true. He must be planning something out of the ordinary, to throw him off guard.

"Robert said as once as you start calling me big sister. You are able to roam around the house freely." Reiko said.

So I'd be able to roam around the house with others knowing it. This one is new. Reiko as a big sister..? Faith thought.

"Onee-chan" Faith said happily and sweetly.

Reiko bowed and said "Now you are able to go about in the house, now." and walked out of Faith's room.

Once the door closed Reiko shivered with fear.

Reiko | Age 14

As Reiko hold on to her shirt where her heart was beating deeply and quickly and trying to calm down, she thought to herself, afraid. What was that about? I've never seen her like that before. My breathing changed in there. What is it that made me scared of her? I never felt this way around her.

When she finally calmed down, Reiko walked to the white room. She didn't hear Faith's door opened or closed behind her.

Ueki | Age 13

"Ueki-kun, follow me. I want to show you something." Myouji said walking faster into the hallway.

As Ueki walked behind Myouji, he saw someone sitting on top of the stairs holding a teddy bear between their legs. He stopped for a little while, than he saw a smirk appear on the face. But he didn't meet eyes with the person. Then, in a blink of an eye no one was on the staircase anymore.

Was I seeing things? Ueki thought to himself as he rubbed his left eye.

This is going to be fun playing around with Robert's Ten. Faith thought smiling up at with her eyes closed and grabbed her teddy bear when she opened her eyes again.

The End

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