What is it

Ueki | Age 13

"Robert is still sleeping." Reiko said to everyone as she hung up the phone.

It's almost noon and he's still sleeping? Ueki thought. Why is he still sleeping?

"Ueki-san. Robert's power weakens him." Myouji said looking at Ueki.

Moments past and Myouji asked "Where'd Reiko go off to now, eh?"

Faith | Age Unknown

Reiko... Reiko. Reiko ! Faith thought and then sighed. What was my new order?

"It's not healthy and not good for Robert's health for this power he has." She said to herself.

A knock on the door, so quiet, Faith had to pause and listen in. The knock repeated and Faith ran over swiftly and answered it.

"Who is it." She asked before opening the door. "Rainbow" Reiko's voioce said.

Rainbow is Reiko's password... Faith thought and opened the door.

"Thanks, Faith. I know what the order for you is... I sure hope you could understand what it means." Reiko said closing the close.

Faith looked aghusted at Reiko for a moment. Reiko turned around to see Faith closer to her in wonder. Reiko slowly backed away surprised.

He seriously didn't tell her the new rule yet. Did he? Reiko thought as her back hit the door.

"Y-y-your new rule i-i-is to call me b-ig sister..." Reiko said. "Robert says to call him your..."

"Call him what?" Faith asked with more wonder.

Reiko took a deep breathe and said boldly "I'm your big sister and Robert is your fiance ! "

The End

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