Big Sister!

Reiko | Age:14

The cellphone rang and Reiko picked it up and said,"Hello?"

" brother is still sleeping.",Faith's voice said on the phone.

"Umm... alright?",Reiko said.

Faith hung up her side of phone and Reiko hung up her cellphone.

Why is she still calling Robert 'Big brother'? Reiko thought as she looked around the dining room,chairs empty.


Reiko knocked on Robert's door quietly. "Come in.",Robert's voice said normally on the other side.

Reiko opened the door and went in, closing the door behind her. "Greetings Robert-sama.",She said.

"What bring you here?",Robert asked turning around in his seat.

"I just wanted to... to...-",Reiko said slowly and was cut off. "Big brother. She wanted to see you.",Faith's voice said under Robert's covers. Robert turned his head towards his bed. Faith moved around under his covers and her head poped out from the blanket. Her eyes closed as she yowned.

She's in here again? Reiko thought glaring at her in his bed.

"Big brother, are you going tell her?",Faith asked a bit tired.

"Tell me what?",Reiko asked him.

"Reiko. Faith isn't my sister. She's my slave/friend. Not a family member of mine.",Robert said to her.

Reiko frozed. What? She isnt... but that explains alot. She has silver hair and silver eyes. Her skin is more paleier than his. Robert has blonde hair and blue eyes and peachier skin. She thought when she came out of being frozen.

"But tomorrow you'll be hearing her say Robert-chan. Not 'Big brother', and the chan isn't for family. It's for something else.",Robert said.

Reiko thoughts jumpt. What. 'It's for something else'? What does he mean by that? It can't be..? No way.

"She'll be calling you Onee-chan. She'll be allowed to be run around the house. She could go outside for a distance-just to say-she can be free... as long as she calls you Onee-chan.",Robert said turning around in his to desk.

Reiko looked at Faith half way out of his bed. "She didn't know what I was going to tell. So she doesn't know and she didn't hear me. She fell asleep after she spoked.",Robert said writting something.

"Why did she fell asleep so ealily?",Reiko asked.

"I got her to do somethings for me.",Robert said moving some papers around.

"You did..?",Reiko said quietly.

"Oh you bring her to her room.",Robert said ignoring what Reiko said.

"Yes. Sir.",Reiko said heading to the bed.

She's burning. Reiko said as she picked up Faith.

"She was sick the whole time I had her do the arrens for me. In a matter of fact... she's always sick.",Robert said.

What? She was sick the whole time he got her to do the stuff? Reiko thought as she carried her out of the room.

"Can you come back in here after you put her in bed and put a cold cloth on her,too."Robert said.

The End

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