New Order

Faith | Age Still Unknown

As Faith lay in her bed. Her curtian closed, with a little ray of light going through the little crack from where the two curtians meet in the middle. She looked at the ceiling above her. Little tiny blue stars on the ceiling like a night sky at night.

Big Brother's going to enjoy this up coming week. He'll have fun, I scents it. Faith thought and sat up in her bed.

Her door opened and Robert stood in her doorway. She looked over at him and smiled.

"Good morning, big brother.",She said happily.

"My new group member is coming today.",He said after he closed the door behind him and turned to his left to look at the wall with drawings and paints on it.

"Big brother...",Faith said after awhile of silence.

Robert glanced to his right at her, still facing the wall. "Hmm...?",Robert said.

"Who is this ?",Faith asked with her arms in between her legs.

Two minutes later he answered," is the power use I told you about. The green-haird one."

"Can I meet him?",Faith asked with a brighter smile and more glow to her ora. Her silver long straight hair sparkled in the dim light from the little ray from the curtians.

Robert | Age:13

Even in dim light, her hair still shines like little sparkles in the snow, and her glow is like the Northen star of the night sky. Robert thought as he glnaced once more at her smile and little glow.

"No. You can't meet him! Faith",Robert said turning to her way.

A very long silence went on for a while. No clock in the room to see what time it is. Just the windows telling you it's morning, with the sun showing.

"-"Faith said unemotional before Robert cut her off with,"You can't meet him... just yet, okay."

Faith came back to being emotional and looked at him with a wonderess childlike eyes and said,"Okay." sounding like herself again. Faith straighten out her legs under her bed covers and looked at the wall infront of her. "Big brother-",Faith said before she felt something on her lap. She looked down to see Robert laying on her lap.

When did he..?Faith thought in confusion.

"Big brother...",Faith said to see if he was a wake.

"I'm getting rid of those orders. You shouldn't call me 'Big brother' or 'Master' or 'Sir'. I would like to give you a new order. Just one. Not two anymore.",Robert said and opened his eyes to see Faith's eyes.

"What's that new order?",Faith asked in wonder.

Robert got from her lap and was half way to the door from her bed and stoped.

"Your new order is to answer with Robert-",Robert said and stoped and feel down.

"BIG BROTHER!",Faith yelled and got out of her bed and rushed to Robert on her bedroom floor.

The End

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