Big Brother!

Ueki | Age:13

As Ueki walked to the Robert's Ten base. The members of Robert's Ten became clear for Ueki to see.

"You've came. Eh? Ueki-kun.", Myouji said.

As Ueki got closer to them.

"Welcome, my friend.",Myouji said smiling.

These are the power users who swore loyalty to Robert Hayden...

A group gathered to crush all power users except Robert.

Robert's Ten. Ueki thought staring at them all.

"By the way, one of isn't here today. He went to find a replacement since Kamui took out Black Shadow We really like to avoid in-fighting though...",Myouji said tilting his head a little side ways.

This is the guy that defeated our White Shadow. He's still just a kid.

Reiko Jerad | 9th grade

Did he really defeat Kamui?

Marco Mardeeny | 9th grade

Oni (Real name unknown) | (8th grade)

He looks weak.

Becky Wolf | 7th grade


Don | 9th grade

Aleggio Yuriano | 9th grade

Aleggio jump off the pouch and landing infront of Ueki. "You're here in place of Kamui, right?",He asked Ueki.

Ueki nodded his head once and said,"Yeah."

"We don't need you. Go home. This isn't a place for wimps like you. This time I'll let you live. Go home" Aleggio said as everyone stared.

"Don-chan... what do you thinkg of Ueki?",Becky asked.

"Just like he looks, he's weak",Don said.

He only has 11 abilities. Marco thought.

Too weak to even be considered. Reiko thought.

As Myouji showed Ueki in the house. "Ueki-kun. This is the house of Robert's Ten. I'll show the rooms you could go in and the rooms you can't go in. Iaght?",Myouji said to Ueki.

Myouji, you're the only the one that can stand him... I guess... Reiko thought.

"Ok. You can show me.",Ueki said looking around the entrance of the house inside.

"These rooms down here. You can go in; but you do need to knock first. It's just some of the rooms upstairs you can't go in at all.",Myouji said pointing up.

Ueki looked up. Some of the rooms upstairs we can't go in at all. I need to see what ones they are. Ueki thought.

Myouji stood at the bottom of the stairs and waited for Ueki to follow him. Ueki followed him and they both went upstairs.

Is Myouji trying to get himself in-trouble with Robert? Becky thought.

"You has to be quiet. Robert's room right's here.",Myouji said pointing to the room to their right.

"The room across from Robert's. You can'ts go in it. Someone that Robert only knows, stays in there. None of us knows if that person is a girl or is a boy. Robert gets Marco to makes special meals for that person. Don is saying it's a boy. Since the food that he brings up here and places it infront of the door, is fit for a guy. We don'ts even know if that person is a power user.",Myouji said quietly.

So Robert has a secret power user. Even his group doesn't know about the eleventh power user. Ueki thought.

"But wes all are sensing its not a power user.",Myouji said tip-toeing by Robert's door.

"Oh ya. Ueki-kun. The doors over there. You can go in there anytime you please. Robert had it set up for the Ten. It's our relaxing room.",Myouji said walking normally after pasing Robert's room.

Ueki followed and lisntened to Myouji. Myouji showed him the room he was talking about. They went inside, a few white bookshelfs oppisite from each other right up against the walls,two white couches in the middle of the room facing each other, a white coffee table inbetween both of the couches, a good balcaney view with windows touching the top of the cieling to the bottom of floor, the sliding door in the middle of the windows and two little white tea tables on each side of the sliding door and two white chairs at each table. The walls pour white, everything white and a glossy hard wood floor. The sunlight shone through the window and showing the heavenly look of the room. The room didn't look like a normal room. It looked more like a big doll house with every furnitrue needed for it.

"Ya see. It looks relaxing to be in, eh? Ueki-kun.",Myouji said.

This place does look relaxing. It doesn't even look like it's from this world. Ueki thought looking left to right of the room.

"Becky is saying it's girl. Since that person helpt out Robert set this room up for us, ya see.",Myouji said putting his hands behind his head.

"Myouji-kun. You can't be up here too long. Robert is still sleeping.",Reiko said behind them.

All three of them headed for the stairs. Reiko went down first then Myouji went. Ueki was on his third step down, until he heard a thump in the room across from Robert's. He heard 'Big Brother!' His reaction-shoked-to hear that.

The End

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