Mel, a fun loving, free spirited junior, and Robby, the high school dream boy, have been best friends forever. But when Robby finally admits to his more-than-friendly feelings towards Mel, Mel's life gets turned upside down. Robby is heartbroken, Mel's other best friend Elise, who has been in love with Robby for years, is humiliated, and Mel is left alone in the cruel world of teenage drama.

Robby and I had been friends for a long time. In fact, by the time I was ten I had been married to him several times. Yes, I had been wed to a few others, but he was my favorite, mostly because occasionally he would make me be the groom. We had even made a secret language, a few actually, because neither of us could manage to remember a single word after our honeymoon at the pool. I guess you could say we were best friends. It wasn’t because we never got into fights, because we did. But some fights have a funny way of bringing friends together.

This wasn’t one of them.

“There he is!” Elise squealed with a giggle that reminded me of a little girl looking at a giant teddy bear, pulling me out of my chocolate-cake-revolving thoughts. She looked at Robby with googly-eyes as he crossed the cafeteria to get to his table. Their table I should say, the esteemed baseball team.

“I’m going to go say hi.” Elise informed me, not taking her eyes off Robby for a second.

“Oh are you?” I asked doubtfully while chewing my sandwich.

“Hey, I got pretty close yesterday.”

“Ah yes, when you actually managed to poke him before running to the restroom leaving me stranded and awkward! That was quite impressive.”

Actually, this was close for her, as she usually just paused for a moment before shuffling back to our table.

“Why don’t you ever support me?” She gave me a pout that would make even the toughest of navy seals tear up, and I immediately felt bad about raining on her parade.

“Elise, you’re gorgeous. Everybody loves you. You could have any guy in this entire school. Why does it have to be him?”

This was the truth. Elise was beautiful, her long blonde hair twisting and spiraling its way down her back, and pure aqua blue eyes like the sky on a cloudless day. She smiled. That was Elise, easily distracted, easily pleased. I could have stopped there, but I needed to make an impact.

“Thanks Mel, you’re prettier than I am.”

“Seriously, why him?” I honestly wanted to know. Sure he was dazzlingly cute and had deep brown eyes that could make you completely unaware of anything else around you, but she had never even had a real conversation with the boy.

Elise was quiet for a few seconds, and I wondered if she was even going to answer. Just as I opened my mouth to say never mind, she looked sheepishly into my eyes and started to speak.

“Because Mel. Because he wants you.”

I stared, shocked, and then said, “That’s the only reason? He doesn’t likeme. He doesn’t even know me! And he--”

“I’m not blind, Mel.” She interrupted. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you, even if you haven’t. And it isn’t that he’s the only one who likes you, I mean look around, I’m surprised no one has proposed yet! But he only wants you. It’s like I don’t even exist!”

All I could do was stare. I wanted to tell her. It seemed almost like I was betraying our friendship by not confessing the truth, but I didn’t want or need anyone to know. Plus, she would have a fit if she knew my secret:  that I had known Robby for longer than my mother has known her current husband, that he knew me better than anyone did, and, most importantly, that my former best friend indeed had feelings for me.

The End

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