Robbery suspect nabbed when back of note lists name, ID number, birth date

“Honey have you seen the note I used for the 7-Eleven robbery,” Jim asked his wife as he searched through his burglaring tools. “I’ve got a stick-up planned for the Tim Horton’s and I really like the way I worded my demands on that one.”

“No honey, I haven’t seen that one, maybe you should use the one you used for that McDonalds a few months ago,” his wife shot back as she tried to finish up a Sheppard’s pie.

“No questions with that one — I think my grammar was bad, or I misspelled something. Whatever it was, they didn’t give me much money. I really need the 7-Eleven note.”

“Well I don’t know what to say Jim, if it’s gone it’s gone.”

Jim continued his search until he was convinced he had looked in every nook and every cranny of the house and still he couldn’t find the note he was looking for. But he did have an idea where it might then be.

He walked sheepishly to the kitchen where his wife was pulling out the Sheppard’s pie and getting ready to plate the tasty meal. He stood in the doorway, his shoulders slumped, until she finally looked at him.

“I think I might have left it with the clerk at the 7-Eleven,” he said looking down at the floor.

“Well then you’ll just have to write it out again, won’t you,” his wife asked him, sure that a bank robber could handle such a small problem.

“Well I could,” he said, “but that’s not really the problem here,” he added sheepishly.

“Then what is the problem here?”

“Well I wrote that note on a business card.”

“Of yours?”

“Yeah of mine. I guess that’s a problem because it has my name and my number on it.”

“Yeah, that’s a problem.”

“Do you think I should bother with the Tim Horton’s? Or should I just wait here for the police,” he asked, not really wanting to take off his balaclava.

“You really should wait I think,” she said, putting a piece of pie down on his plate.

“I figured that,” he said, resigned that he wasn’t going to be able to rob anybody for a little while. “But do you figure they’ll use the note as evidence?” he asked. “And if they do, could you try and get the wording for when I’m out of jail?”

His wife nodded her head and sat down at the table, and husband and wife sat down to their meal and waited for the sirens to approach.

The End

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