The roaring twenties- one of many names to describe the post-war decade of financial prosperity, rebellion, new culture and luxury. With it came gang crime, depression and poverty. Amongst this "fabulous" era, at the centre of the party scene, lived a one Florence Lockart.


"I never care what I do, so I always have a good time" -The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald.

New York was vibrant in the evenings: the lights shone outside Zauberman's Follies, where the girls danced and the men drank. The atmosphere was easy, the company easier still. As the nights progressed, the memories were hazier from the alcohol, but people always said they had a good time.

A good time was promised as well to a one Miss Florence Lockart, the daughter of a well-to-do accountant in Oxford Street, London. Receiving an invitation from her cousins in New York, it was with an enthusiastic spirit that she embarked on her journey. Little did Miss Lockart know that she was destined to find more than a good time.

The End

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