There was a growing coffee stain down the front of Scotty's button shirt, the pale blue had morphed into a dark mud-like brown. Looking up at the door way to the small staff room, he saw Summer walk in slowly. Her dark hair covered the sides of her pale face and her uniform looked creased. It was the day after the stake-out and she hadn't slept all night. Purple bags lay under her hazel eyes and they looked dull from the lack of mascara. "Hey. How's it going?" Her friend questioned, letting all the worry into his voice. "Great." Summers voice sounded flat and there was a distinctive lack of enthusiasm in her voice. Rubbing her eyes like a child, Summer strolled uneasily over to the coffee machine and pressed the button. The plastic cup was filled to the brim with the black liquid and she added three sugars. Scotty looked thoughtfully at his best friend and wondered why she was in such a bad way. "It wasn't your fault yesterday Summer, you did better than anyone out there, especially for a first time. You should be proud, not miserable."

"Then tell me why Danny got shot! If it wasn't my fault then who's was it? Don't you dare say nobody because Christopher is one of our most wanted villains! Someone,... I should have known that he would be armed." Silence filled the room for a few minutes until Scotty put his empty cup on the table and walked over to her, tears streamed down her now red face. Brushing them away, the young officer whispered, "Nobody blames you because it wasn't your fault Summer. It was your first time and in the end he was captured. If anything, you saved Danny because of your quick thinking, you didn't destroy him and you shouldn't think that." Sniffing, the young woman whispered back, "Really, you think so?"

"I know that for sure else I wouldn't be telling you," looking at the clock above the door he continued, "Look, um... I'd better go." Just as he reached the door Summer piped up, "I love you Scotty." Without turning, he managed to tell her, "I love you too Summer," Before carrying on with his walk down the corridor. Leaning against the wall in the now empty staff room, Summer smiled as she realised she was in love.

The End

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