Two years on...

Holding the gun lightly in her hand, Summer looked anxiously at her companion, Scotty. Smiling cheekily with his blue eyes shimmering in the dim light, he took her hand and squeezed it tightly before releasing his grip and turning forward again. The bullet proof vest under her button shirt felt heavy around her shoulders as Summer aligned her small Pistol with the target. Scotty looked uneasily at the scene before them as the rest of their team stood all around this street corner and were well hidden, one was on their phone which was actually switched off. There was another inside an apartment window on the second story. The last member of their team was pretending to sell a magazine. This was one of the best stake-outs Scotty had ever seen. "You okay?" He whispered to Summer who had started shaking uncontrollably. "What? Oh, yes. Yes I'm fine just a bit nervous, I've never shot anyone before outside of practice."

"You'll do great Summer. Look, here comes our guy now."

Christopher Bellamy strolled around the corner of the street and walked right past the officer on his mobile. Innocent people walked around him without giving the middle aged man a second glance. Nobody seemed to have realised who he actually was. Seconds later there was a shout from the officer stood on the corner as he fell to the floor, dropping his phone on the floor before it shattered all over the floor. He fell down as well and pedestrians near him screamed as the blood came out of his leg. A crowd quickly formed and at once both Summer and Scotty broke cover to fire at the villain. Christopher pulled a revolver out of his brown jacket and returned fire at the two officers who were half way across the road. Taxi's stepped on their brakes and the air was filled with the smell of burning rubber. The nearest car was inches from Summer. Scotty got the lucky shot and the pistol flew out of the opponents hand and was thrown across the pavement. Putting up his hands, Christopher surrendered as back up appeared out of no where. All of this happened within thirty seconds. Out of breath but still running, Summer reached the crowd around Danny, apart from her he was the youngest on the team. "Move aside please people! Give him so air."

The crowd parted for her and she reached her fallen companion, he was pale and there was a pool of blood around his leg. Ripping at her thin shirt, Summer covered the wounds in a thin fabric and kept talking to her friend. "Danny. Danny, can you hear me? Speak to me."

"I can hear you Summer. Am I going to be alright?" Smiling at her friend she whispered, "You're going to be great Danny.

The End

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