Road to Serendipity

Leaving was the only thing on her mind as she stood on the corner of the road, looking at the city streets all around her as they wound down twisty roads and crowded streets. Cold air brushed her muddy-brown hair across her eyes as she pulled it back behind her ear and walked on without looking back. Summer never wanted to look back at the life she was leaving behind as the teenager hailed a cab and climbed in the back seat and without looking up she said calmly, "Seventy fifth street." Slowly the yellow cab pulled away from the curb of the gum covered, over crowded road that backed onto a row of apartments. Ignoring the voices inside her head, screaming at her to turn back and avoid the pain she would suffer for leaving. Nothing would make Summer want to go back to the life she so desperately wanted to leave behind, finally the ache in her heart would disappear and she could live how she wanted to without anyone telling her what to do. Neon lights and street lamps flickered into existence as the sun began to fall back behind the towering sky scrapers. The city of New York had come alive in these past few minutes as the cab cruised down the chaotic streets. It was as if the other cars had given way for her as she started her long journey out of the city. Because unlike most people her age, Summer was starting her life for the first time, taking those first precious steps into the big world. Voices still echoed in her head, running round and round in her mind as she fought against them, trying desperately not to cry as she thought back to just this morning. Terror gripped her and Summer sat up straight, to tense to sit back in fear of them coming after her. The driver of the taxi gave her a curious look in his mirror, the licence said his name was Pedro and ven though it was dark he was still wearing sunglasses. After what felt like an age, Summer saw the sign marking out her destination and at the end of the road she could see the entrance to the subway. It was quieter at this time of day, just after rush hour and the only crowds were from arriving or departing planes at the neearest airport, New York JFK. She wasn't leaving on a plane, it was easier just to catch a train and it would be cheaper too, it would have been harder to steal her fathers money, and more obvious, instead she had saved for the past few months. The long journey would be easier once Summer was away from all the busy crowds and a bit out of the bustling city that never sleeps. Heart pounding, Summer paid her fee and walked shakily out onto the side walk and down the steep steps to the platform. Her train was already waiting when she got there, the doors opening as if they were bekoning to her. Closing her eyes, Summer walked on board and into an empty carriage. Strange. Sitting anxiously, the young girl leant to the left as the carriage pulled away from the platform, her heart was pumping visously in her chest because out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a sturdily built man on the platform. A trickle of fear ran down her spine and it turned into a full flowing river when she recognised the man she had just laft behind. Her father had almost caught her, he had been so close that it was too terrifing to think of what could have happened. It was a long train ride to the end of the road and Summer settled down in her red patterened seat, it was hard and uncomfertable but atleast she was alone.

The End

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