You told me to take a chance, so I did. Now look where I am. You've only landed me into trouble.

I used to wish for this every night. I wanted a tragedy, something exciting. A problem to complain about. I guess it's not exactly the ideal wish for someone to make, but it was what I wanted. Except, I wanted something big to happen, something out of the ordinary. I didn't want this bullshit.

I know things; a little bit about everyone or anything. If i don't then I find out, it's not that I'm obsessed with gossip or anything, it's just that people trust me so they are constantly telling me little blips of their lives. Some people kind of exaggerate things but I've learned to respect and admire people I never thought I ever would. 

Respect is important in any relationship. Friendship, family member, strangers, peers, pets. If you don't respect someone on any level then you won't treat them properly and they won't treat you properly. It just ends miserably and no one will be happy. You can't pay attention or listen to someone you don't respect, you just can't take them seriosuly anymore.

Anyway to get back on track here, I made a wish. I wished for a disaster in my life. A distraction from the dull and happy schedule I already had. I don't know if it's a fluke or not but all my wishes a come true, if I really want them too. And something bad happened, but before things get to be bad everything needs to be good. Life balances itself out, it always will and always had. 

I got my wish, but I expected something big and triumphant. Not this, this is slow and painful and just over all torture.


The End

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