smimmering lights

after watching the sun go down twilight and i headed back to the house. we walked up the steps and flopped on the couch,when stara busted out "WOULD YOU KNOCK THAT OFF! IT DRIVES MY INSANE!" referring me to bouncing her off the couch.
"well someone is cranky today" i say with my classic smirk. we both start mumbling curses under out breath, five minutes into it we decide to watch one of fathers old love stories in black and white, we pick out favorite. its about a centaur that falls for a village girl. its terrible graphics but still great story. I start to does off wen stara stays wide awake watching the movie, but not more than an hour later she thrashes me to wake up at look at the shimmers coming from the river bank. I rub my eyes and slide off the couch. I grab the handle and forget everyones sleeping and slide out the door when stara follows. I touch the ground and feel the rumble, my stomache aches at the sound. stara climes to the atv and it wont start. "star, no time its not working." I say tripping down the long path. I reach the edge of the forest and the center of the lights we stand in the middle amazed by the colors and lights. "its a celibration."  jake says pating my shoulder. jake is a centaur boy that lives in the forest, but instread of havinf a horses body he has antlers
"for what?" I say ignoring stara jumping at the sight of jake.
 "a mermaid, i think. tonights the crowning every species will be here." he says questionably.right then i stop and find the nawing at my ankles its a glimmering grey rabbit, "bambi!" i giggleand she jumps up in my arms. i stroke her while jake explains to stara. "why do they have to crown another queen?"

The End

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