beyond the forest

the water calls luna what will she do to find what she gasps for

I hang upside-down in the forest on a lower branch of a high tree; this branch I am perched on hangs just above the water near the house. I come here often to think… to listen more than anything. I listen to the water rushing under the bridge, I listen to the birds singing there joyful summer song, I listen for the trees to release there darkest secrets to me; if I wait long enough I can hear the wind whispering to the trees, and the water calling my name. as I clime down to touch the ground I can feel the steady drum beat of the forest, and all who live in it. It thrills me to see the happy salmon of summer to come thrashing themselves in the water; Eger to enter a new season just as I am. As I reach into the cool water I can’t help but smile, it has been so long since I have known the fresh calm touch of the water and the slippery rocks that lay deep below. I hear the water singing for me and the trees shouting my name and the wind whispering its secrets as I begin to sing my song from my blue heart; “water calls and I will never stall.
Midnight moon, you have to come soon.
Sea creatures, fish and all raise the flag waves splash upon me fish and all a mermaid shall I be.A mermaid shall I be. A mermaid shall I be-“ .I am cut out by the howling of the wind , for this means a storm. On any other day I would stay and feel the dangerous winds and the harsh rains that fall gently on my pail flesh. “Not today old friend, not today….”  I push through the dense forest to get back to our little farm house on a hill, nothing special but it will have to do for now. I sit in my favorite chair, reading my favorite book while I play with a tiny hole in my sock. Our family is sort of modern but I’m still old fashioned, like I always said “I was born in the wrong century.”  By now the storm has stopped and I start heading down the old coble road, skipping stones along the tall grass. Today I’m going to catch fairies and imps. You might be skeptical, but believe me there as real as you and me. But just how real are we?  I see a silver flutter chased by a golden flash. I ignore it for now I see a tiny black haired imp sitting on a log moping and mourning for her lost wings. I sit down next to her, she only peers up at me and doesn’t make a sound. I pick her up by her tiny black ripped dress. She fights me cursing me out in 7 different languages. “You’re a fighsty one aren’t you?”
“You have no right to dare touch me.” She squealed.
“Well don’t fuss I’m not going to hurt you.” I chuckled
“Why? Am I just not pretty enough to place me in a box?” she shouted in her tiny voice.
“Its okay, I know exactly how you feel….”
“You know nothing! Nothing!” she pushed my fingers as hard as her tiny scrawny bones would let her. She’s so mal nourished from being an outcast or an outsider. And this winter has not been kind to her. Her hair is dreaded and frail; as if you touched it would fall out. And her skin was dehydrated to a deviated point.
Suddenly joy filled me as I heard my mother yell “she’s here!”
I sprint to the edge of the forest leaving the imp choking in my dust, I burst through the door and shrike because stara is here.... We hug and laugh and shrike like seven year old's, because she is my second soul and I am her’s. she’s my favorite cousin even though shes as gullible as a goldfish. we say our goodbye's to her mother and  immediately race out the door, we stop to catch our breath and tear through the shed to find helmets. we shove them on best we can and burst out on the atv, we fly down the broken cobble road and through the trees until i stop suddenly as we reach the edge of the bridge. i toss my helmet on the ground and stara dusts hers off and sets it carefully on the seat. i leap through the trees and stinging nettle on a large flat rock in front of the water front. i tear off my shoes and roll up my pants and step into the freezing water. i sit down on the pilliar to the bridge and carefully watch the way stara gently glides down the edge of the slanted hill. she sits on a log a foot away and starts to think, shes got that same confused face she gets every time i try to explain the forest to her. 
"you know you 'say' the forest is full of creatures and magic but i haven't seen a single thing!" just as she stands up to continue her bantering a pink flash waves in front of her eyes catching her full focus.
"told you so" i smirk as i grasp the pink whisp of light.
"here, hold our your hand." she throws it directly in front of my face and i cup her hand around the glowing light.
her eyes are wide with amazement, she is captivated by its beauty and sparkle.
she walks forward still starstruck by the tiny woman, tripping over the log and tossing the fairie into a puddle.
i hear two tiny shirks both are from stara, i help her out and search for the tiny pink flash again. she is in a puddle soaking wet and steaming mad, she has lost her glow and is losing her temper with stara. i just laugh at the thought  of  a fairie in water. 

The End

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