Righteous Anger

Wester cursed yet again as a second attack came. Was it the clan that had attacked the Drakos-El and Dynio? Well, should it be, the Great Source had just provided a vent. Wester thanked the Great Source and ran out of the door.

"Where are you going!?" 

Wester ignored the heathen chieftan's voice and exited the meeting room and hurried on his way. There was no need for women in this battle. There was only one sex supposed to fight. Men.

Wester pulled his bladed shields and jumped through a hole in the hallway. He found himself outside. Below were dozens of the unknown clan pouring in a nearby gate that had been destroyed. Well, more like bent and twisted out of the way. What WAS that ability? No... No need to concern himself with that. Wester simply needed to punish. 

"Mr. Wester, do you require assistance?"

Wester shook his head without looking at Garland. "It is time they saw my Righteous Anger." 

"Understood, I shall retrieve our forces and move our people into the basement, then we will mount an assault on any we find." 

"Protect Asbourro," Wester told Garland, eyeing the dozens of men now noticing the two Drakos-El and closing in, "Get Mr. Hecter to do it."

A stomp on the ground made Garland's salute known. Good man. Good warrior. He would do the job, perhaps better than Wester himself. Now, to focus on the enemy. Several of them had broken off to chase Garland. That was a mistake.

Wester blasted flames from his back and shot himself in front of them, then strengthened his shields with earth magic and broke two of the strange masses of metal they held. 

"Take this one out first," a man said from the rear of the forces. The leader of this raid party? The men in front of Wester reacted to the voice and attacked simultaneously. Yes, definitely a leader. 

Wester shot intense flames from his strengthened shields and shoved himself back, as well as burned the men who had attacked him. Their screams nearly sounded like the Gospel of the Source. So pleasant and appropriate. 

Wester landed with ease, allowing some more flames to slow his movement, and stood tall in the face of the force that now charged. Earth to defend. Wester's shields and clothing grew harder. Holy to empower. Wester felt his body grow more powerful and a faint light of Healing magic surround him. Fire to attack. Wester smiled and flames enshrouded his body, causing his enemies to slightly hesitate. 

"Is he suicidal?!"

"It's a trick!"


"Kill him!"

Wester chuckled. Time for victory. "O' heathens of unknown origin, today you witness Divine Wrath. Ancient Fury. Righteous Anger!"

He shot - there was no other way to describe the feeling of it - through the air at his enemies. The first was a man with a large black metal ax. Pity he was the first. The blade of Wester shield pierced into his armor like a warm knife in butter and the man burst into flames. Wester wasted no more time with the screaming man and turned to his next target. Well... targets.

They came like a swarm. One after another. A bladed shield through one and a blaze of flame following. This is what happened to them all. Wester felt at ease now that his enemies were starting to burn. One after another they fell to his burning attacks. It was like they wanted to die in the holy fire.

After just a few moments, there were none left. They simply stopped coming. The only one left was the commander, dressed in heavy armor and carrying two large hunks of metal. "Who are your people?" Wester asked the man.

He simply laughed. "Your demise, Drakos-El Leader, Wester Feloine!" He attacked. Wester sighed. He had no choice. With his body still on fire and the Holy strength strength still pulsing through him, it was no problem to slice through the commanders attack and stabbed him in the gut. Flames engulfed the man, but he never screamed, like the others had. No, he simply smiled and laughed silently. 

The magic flowed out of Wester. His body grew heavy and his limbs began to fail him at the same time. It was always like this, though. Hands caught him and Wester realized he was being supported. Tired from his immense use of magic, Wester had a hard time seeing just who had kept him from falling. The girl who had been traveling with the Dynio? Naomi was her name.

"I thank you, woman." Wester said. He felt tired. Maybe he had outdone himself in this endeavor... "I just need a moment before I rejoin the fight."

Naomi shook her head. "No, you are to report back to the meeting room," she said, "Asbourro's orders, else I wouldn't be here."

"Understood." Wester looked back to the burning corpses. Without using his full power, they had been elusive and a threat. If it took his full power to fight them..... They were in trouble.

The End

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