Beyond the Crypt

Eve lay in a midday trance. She was worn and every muscle of her body still stiff from yesterday's long journey. The cot beneath her offered little comfort from what was truly making her tense. Fregurd had over fifty spies stationed in the Highlands and not one of them had overheard talk about the attacks on the Dynio or Drakos El territories before they had happened? It didn't add up. Asburro's spies were too experienced and trained in there stealth....

Another explanation nagged at Eve's conscious; Asburro was being double crossed. 

Eve's head began to throb as she fell victim to her own exhaustion. Who would betray Fregurd? She wondered as she drifted into slumber. 

A man with a hawk like nose appeared before Everyn. Gingerly Everyn climbed out of bed. She had seen this man before, yes.  In her bare feet Eve drifted over to the man. His cold gray eyes bore deeply into hers. He reached out towards her and his calloused hand brushed over the skin on her neck, over her less than steady pulse. Her breaths quickened as his hand went for the chain around her neck. His thumb grazed over the ring it fashioned. What could he want with that?
Eve stood uncharacteristically still and waited for the man to speak. " I could make it so you wouldn't have to be so sad, so alone?"
His words both shocked and repulsed her. What was he suggesting?
He smiled, amused with her assumption. " I dinnae want you for myself Lowlander. I simply wish for an even exchange?"
Eve glowered at the hawk faced man. "It would be futile to even ask what you mean as your likely to send me into a trap."
The man clicked his tongue. "I only wish to achieve happiness through trade."

"What kind of trade?" She asked unwittingly. 

"Your allegiance to the Highland's as a healer in exchange for your beloved's life."

Eve laughed bitterly. "His life has already been determined by his death you fool!"

Hawkface clicked his tongue again and pulled the chain around Eve's neck tighter. "I have ways of reclaiming it!" The urgency in Hawkface's eyes spoke of an inkling of truth that both terrified and intrigued her.

"Stake your claim,"Eve whispered even surprising herself.

"How about I show you what I mean Everyn?" Hawkface offered. He snapped his fingers and a moment later a young boy appeared by his side. 
Eve had to blink twice to grasp the reality of her situation. Standing before looking well and alive was the Drakos El boy, about six years old, whose grave she had visited with Wester.  
Eve shook her head. This was impossible. She reached for the boys hand and gasped when her hand made contact with his cool skin. She withdrew her hand as if she had been scorched. The boy offered a shy smile. Eve looked towards the hawk faced man for a further explanation.
" You see my powers go beyond the crypt," Hawkface said.

" Is he... Normal?"

Hawkface's face cracked into a smile. "What say you Hesoir, are you normal?"

The boy laughed in response. " Of course Master."

Eve starred at the boy in wonder. Something felt off. 
Without warning Eve's body began to jolt and her vision grew dark. A minute later she opened her eyes again. She had been awoken by Asburro screaming outside at the newcomers, which meant she had been dreaming. But what an odd dream, and so vivid too...
Eve pressed the palm of her hands against her eyes. Was she losing her sanity? Who dreamt of such things?

The End

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