Kane was starting to get majorly ticked off by his opponent. He narrowly avoided one of Garland’s two war axes aimed at his side, and a split second later, deflected the second going for his jugular. Garland fought a lot like Zethenia in how they kept pressing forward with their axes, but unlike her wild charge, he was a precision fighter and targeted his enemy’s vital areas with near pinpoint accuracy. Kane had tried to glance at Zethenia’s fight with Wester before, and had almost had his guts spilled. Kane grit his teeth and tried to launch an attack.

“Dammit, this bald bastard is seriously getting on my last nerves,” Kane thought sourly.His keen battle instincts had already saved him a couple times from a critical hit in the few minutes since they started fighting. He hadn’t even had time to split his sword. Kane winced as one of Garland’s swipes managed to make a small cut under his left eye; he hadn’t been able to dodge the attack fast enough. Kane laughed and struck back. “You’re pretty good baldie,” he said with a grin, “but you’ll have to do much better than that!” Garland didn’t reply and kept on attacking.

Despite his bold front, Kane knew his situation wasn’t good. His speed and power were starting to drop. He was still suffering from the wounds that the Shadow Storm had inflicted on him. He felt a pulse of piercing pain as a couple of them re-opened from the stress of battle, one on the left side of his torso and one near his right ankle. “Dammit;" Kane thought, "I’ve lost flexibility and movement now. I can't keep up for much longer!” Kane did his best to not show any sign of the pain, but Garland noticed him favoring his right side.

Kane saw a small smile appear on the Drakos-El’s face. Garland unleashed another combination of attacks aimed at his left side. Kane hoped his instincts could save him a third time.

"Alright; I’m coming in!” a familiar voice called from behind. Kane turned in surprise as Vohl rushed to his side to defend him.

“What the heck are you doing Vohl?!?” he asked. Vohl repelled Garland’s attack with his hammers’ steel rods. Garland backed off for a bit and surveyed the newcomer. Vohl glanced at Kane and grinned.

 “Don’t worry, Kane; I’ve got your back!” Vohl said with a smile. Kane shook his head.

“Thanks for the save, but you and I both know you can’t win, not against a guy like that.”

“And right now you can’t either,” Vohl replied. “I’ve at least got a better shot at standing a chance.” Kane couldn’t find a response. His reopened wounds still continued sending fresh waves of pain. Already he could see his blood beginning to bleed through his clothes.

“That healer’s probably going to yell at me again when she sees this,” he thought to himself. After a moment of hesitation, Kane gave in. He slapped Vohl’s back and stepped back.

“You’re up, Vohl!” Before his comrade could acknowledge him, Garland made a sudden rush, his axes poised to strike. Vohl whipped around to face him in a moment, both of his hammer heads supercharged with static. Just before they could clash, a commanding stentorian roar, brimming with authority and strength, rang out above the clamor of battle.

All of you, cease this senseless squable immediately or answer to me!

The End

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