Black Storm

The Arabon warriors soon came into view. There were definitely more than three score of them, all armed with whips and chains. They had come out in full force it seemed. “Looks like they’re not taking us lightly, at least,” Kane thought to himself. Still, they were daring to attack the Dynio when they were down. Well the Arabon were about to find out that they were by no means out, and that they would regret ever taking them on. “Let’s hold them off until the others get here!” he yelled. The others roared and charged at the enemy. Kane stopped Vohl, who looked at him curiously.

“What’s the matter mate?” he asked.
“Mind keeping them away from me for a couple minutes? I’m bringing it out.” Vohl’s eyes widened.

“You serious?” Kane nodded grimly.

“I’m not about to let these guys get away with attacking us easily. So can you do it?” Vohl saw the fiery look in his eyes and nodded. “I’ll let the others know too; just give us a heads-up so we don’t get hit.”

“Thanks, man.” Kane watched as Vohl ran ahead of him and started bashing Arabon warriors left and right. He stood still and closed his eyes, reaching deep within him for the power he needed: his Shadow magic. After a couple moments he found it. He rarely used this magic but it did grant him unbelievable power…at a steep price: it came with a nasty side effect. Today though, Kane thought the power was well worth the price.

He channeled the Shadow magic, along with his Wind and Thunder magics, into his blade. The sword started to glow with an unnatural darkness as the magics fused together inside of it. Kane winced as the destructive force doubled back and invaded his body, creating an acute pain that pulsed throughout his body. Kane heard Zethenia’s horn in the distance. “Looks like the reinforcements are here,” Kane thought to himself. Too bad there wouldn’t be much for them to do. Kane split his blade. A dark gale, charged with electricity which manifested itself as dark sparks, burst forth and started to swirl around him.

“Clear out of the way people! Storm’s coming!” he yelled. All of the Dynio warriors knew what he meant and quickly retreated. Vohl ran back as well.

“Let ‘em have it Kane!” he shouted as he ran past.

“You got it!” Kane rushed at the enemy lines. Despite the intense jolts of pain, Kane felt alive.  The Arabon saw him approaching and stopped advancing. Kane crashed into their ranks and started slashing at anyone who got near him. His katanas, charged with the black crackling wind, were lethal to anyone who unfortunate to stand in their way. The Arabon tried to fight back, but their attacks were stopped by the swirling gale. Kane laughed and continued to decimate their forces. “You all picked the wrong clan to attack!” he roared.

After a couple more minutes, the remaining Arabon forces turned tail and started to run. Kane started to chase after them but stopped when he felt the pain of the magic. Several wounds had opened all over his body from the Shadow magic, which had started to break down his body and rip open his flesh. “Time’s up,” Kane said regretfully. He released the Shadow magic. The full brunt of the pain washed over him, forcing him to kneel and lean on his blades. Kane gritted his teeth and dealt with it. Zethenia and the Fregurd healer walked up to him.

“You certainly didn’t hold back, did you?” Zethenia asked as she looked around at the carnage. “You could have waited for the rest of us and spared yourself this trouble”

“Didn’t want to,” Kane replied. Zethenia shrugged.

“Well, good job driving them off at any rate.” She turned to the healer. “Mind patching this guy up?” The healer nodded silently.

“Good.” Zethenia walked off to attend to other matters, leaving Kane and the healer alone.

The End

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