Kane trudged down the path towards the Fregurd capital, still seething that they were abandoning their homeland. They’d taken what they could, their weapons, some clothes, food, and their most valuable belonging. Everything else had been left behind. All of the able-bodied warriors protected the caravan of the wounded. Zethenia had put Kane in charge of the rear guard, while she had taken the front. The Fregurd healers stayed in the center, looking after the most seriously injured. Thinking of that female healer made Kane ticked off all over again. It was her idea to leave in the first place. He spotted her up in front and scowled at her back. He was itching for a fight, anything to let him get rid of his pent-up frustration. He gripped his sword harder.

“You alright, mate?” asked someone on his right. Kane turned towards the speaker, a short, stocky male with thick curly brown hair and a full beard.

“I’ll live, Vohl,” he replied with a sigh, “But I could really use a chance to blow off some steam.”

“I hear you, mate,” Vohl said patting one of his twin stout hammers. “I didn’t even get a chance to clobber any of those intruders. Ah well, I’ll get my shot at them soon enough.” Kane smiled.

“For sure, man,” he agreed. Vohl Tanis was one of the most easygoing and laidback of the Dynio outside of battle, taking things in stride. But when a fight began, few could keep up with his twin warhammers and Thunder magic skill. Suddenly, he heard three sharp whistles from behind them. It was the scout Zethenia had sent behind them to make sure they weren’t caught off guard. Three whistles meant they were about to get some trouble.

“Looks like we might be getting our chance sooner than we thought,” Vohl said. Kane nodded and waited for the scouts to arrive. At last, he thought, a chance to let out some steam.”

“Is the enemy attacking again?” he asked when they arrived. He tried to hide his eagerness. The scout shook his head.

“It’s not them,” he replied.

“Then who is it?”

“It’s the Arabon.” Kane scowled.

“Those vultures, huh?” he commented. “They must have heard about the ambush.” The Arabon were a small clan of Earth magic-wielding raiders, who only attacked weaker clans. They’d never tried to go after the Dynio before, but apparently they thought that they were now a good target after being weakened by the enemy’s attack.

“How long until they catch up with us?” Kane asked the scout.

“At the rate they’re going, about ten minutes,” he replied.

“And how many are there?”

“At least three score.” Kane looked at the rest of the rear guard, only a dozen warriors counting himself.  

“Go tell Zethenia about the Arabon attack,” he ordered the scout. "We'll need some reinforcements back here. The scout saluted.

“Yes sir,” he replied. He ran off towards the front of the caravan. Kane turned to the rest of the guard. They’d all heard the scout’s report.

“What are we going to do, mate?” Vohl asked. Kane grinned.

“Well if they’re going to make a call, then we shouldn’t keep them waiting. Let’s go, men! We can’t just wait for those bastards to show up now, can we?” The men cheered and followed Kane as he started running to the south, towards the Arabon.

The End

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